• Collective Drift s2 ep2 on Kadealo What are the top travel hacks Saving money and staying fit & healthy during COVID19 Dr. Sheba

Top travel hacks Saving Money & Staying Fit & Healthy w/ Dr Sheba

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Food and eating was a big part of our family with regard to celebration. So, I must say that as an adult, I've started to learn more about what I should and shouldn't put in my body but as a child, not so much. I wasn't very physically active as a child. Even though I played sports, it wasn't a focus. Now, I work out six days a week and rest one day a week. I even work out when I'm traveling. Click HERE to watch on YouTube Click HERE to listen on Apple Podcast Click HERE to listen on Spotify How to [...]

  • Collective Drift Podcast - Sope Aluko

What is the true power of prayer? Nigerian actress Sope Aluko

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“So It’s a beautiful journey of life. Sometimes I think, ‘Okay, how many more years, or actionable years do I have to make an impact in this world before I move on?’.  I guess those are the questions that you start having with yourself when you turn 50. I did a self audit, when I turned 50. Actually every birthday I customarily perform a self-audit.  I have my time with my family at home and then I go off on an all day spa retreat to meditate. There, I have moments of gratitude by lifting myself up to receive whatever God has in store for me, [...]

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