• Kadealo Attractions to Do and See in Cairo

Top 10 Attractions to Do And See in Cairo

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Cairo, the Egyptians’ beloved capital and cultural center, has its own unique spirit. Being one of the largest cities in the world, and the largest in Africa, you can’t really describe Cairo without finding a lot of contradictions in your description. It is an enthralling combination of ancient and modern buildings, wealthy citizens and barefoot children, luxurious vehicles and donkey-drawn carts, lavish villas and worn-out huts. However, there’s one thing all the people of Cairo have in common, which is an exceptional sense of humor among the chaos that is Cairo. While the moving around the city is a unique experience in itself, there [...]

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Top 10 Airbnbs In Cairo To Check Out When Visiting

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There’s hardly a shortage in the number of hotels in the bustling city of Cairo, however, in recent years, Airbnb has extended its services to include rentals in Egypt, and as a result provided even more options for visitors of every budget. The thing about Airbnb rentals is that, while choosing to stay in one is a more adventurous choice than staying at a hotel, Airbnb rentals certainly give you more space to explore the city like a local, and owners will usually help you by giving you information about the surrounding areas, how to get around, where to buy food, and so on. [...]

  • Kadealo, Shopping Malls in Cairo

Best Shopping Malls You Should Visit In Cairo

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Cairo has always been the best shopping destination in Egypt, where there is no shortage of local souks to go bargain hunting for souvenirs. However, in the past two decades or so, Cairo saw a significant rise in the number of modern shopping malls. More and more international brands are introduced to the Egyptian market every year, including high-end luxury items. Egyptians seem to love strolling through shopping malls, whether they are actually there to shop or to just to relax, meet up with friends or have a coffee or lunch in any of the many dining areas and restaurants available. Currently, there are [...]

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Top 10 Must Visit Dining Experiences in Cairo

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An advantage to staying in Cairo is its vast variety of options to choose from when you’re hungry. Cairo has an abundance of fast-food places where you can grab a quick bite and where you will find just about every sandwich you can think of. However, we are here for those times when you are seeking more than just a quick bite. Specifically, for when you’re in an experimenting mood or just feel like having a different dining experience. Whatever the reason, be it a birthday, special occasion or just the sake of novelty, we did a quick scan around Cairo and put together [...]

  • Kadealo, Guide to Egypt’s Pyramids

The Ultimate Guide to Egypt’s Pyramids

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There’s no doubt that Egypt’s pyramids are famous worldwide and the main attraction for tourists visiting Egypt. The Great Khufu (Cheops) pyramid in Giza in particular, is one of the last remaining ancient wonders of the world. However, you may be surprised to discover that there are actually at least 100 pyramids in Egypt, spread throughout Giza, Sakkara, Dahshur all in the vicinity of Cairo, Egypt’s capital city. We put together the ultimate guide to Egypt’s pyramids to help you navigate your way around these ancient wonders, while highlighting basic features and information to help you discover the less-explored pyramids of Egypt. [...]

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Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Cairo

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While no one would argue that Cairo is the capital of Egypt, not a lot of people know that it’s also the shopping capital of Egypt. The bustling city offers endless options of markets and stores where you can purchase just about anything you can think of. From high-end, designer stores at shopping malls, to crowded marketplaces, to local street stores and everything in between. Visitors to Cairo usually like to take away a little bit of Egypt with them when they leave, in the form of souvenirs. Some good souvenirs to buy from Cairo are statues, silver and gold accessories, stones, kilim carpets [...]

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Top 10 Unique Experiences to See & Do in Cairo

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There are many things Cairo is famous for. This charming city brings together many cultures in one place, and so moving through it is like visiting several different countries at the same time. You will be enchanted by the concoction of ancient palaces and humble huts, modern villas and dusty markets, gigantic shopping malls and barefoot street vendors all in the same intriguing city. While the Giza Pyramids are not to be missed, we also wanted to give credit to the less exposed parts of Cairo, where you can engage in activities that are a little more low-profile. We put together 10 unique experiences [...]

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Your Guide to Being Vegetarian in Cairo

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As more people are embracing a plant-based lifestyle around the world, it only makes sense that Cairo, home to a population of over 9 million, would jump on the vegetarian bandwagon. More and more modern day Egyptians are turning to vegetarianism, for health, moral and religious reasons. The Copts (Christians of Egypt) who make up around 4 million of the Egyptian population, fast between 180-210 days a year, where they follow a strict vegan diet (except for fish on some occasions). In the Pharaonic era, the regular consumption of meat was limited to the upper classes, and it is not so different nowadays, with [...]

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