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10 popular Africans everyone whats to know about online

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It's no surprise that the African continent has brought about some of the most fascinating and well-known people, especially in recent years. Given some of the situations and events that have taken place in various countries across the continent, the interest (and sometimes infamy) of these individuals has meant that they are some of the most searched for people of African descent online. Here is a round-up of the top ten African names searched for online. Courtesy of mentor-drive.com Popular Africans: Linda Ikeji When it comes to prolific bloggers, Linda Ikeji is one of the best. She's made a [...]

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10 African movies to watch before your holiday

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All packed and ready to go for your African adventure? Why not now settle down then, and watch a few African movies about the countries continent, to enable you to understand your destination a little better before getting there. Here are a pick of 10 of the finest. Courtesy of The Wind/imdb.com African Movies: The Wind (Mali 1983) This picture was directed by one of the true legends of African cinema – Souleymane Cisse – a multi-award winning director who has made some controversial films in the past that have landed in him prison. “The Wind” – however – [...]

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