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Check out these iconic African trees

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Courtesy of vil.sandi/Flickr African Tree: Baobab (Adansonia Digitata) Other names include Boab, Boaboa, Tabaldi, Bottle tree, Upside-down tree and monkey bread tree. These trees hold somewhat of an iconic status in Africa – especially Madagascar, where 6 indigenous species belong to that island alone – which have a characteristic look about them where they look like they are growing upside down, with the roots at the top which are actually its branches. The trees are known for their fire-resistant bark and have a remarkable drought resistance. These giants grow up to 30 metres high, and carbon dating shows they may live [...]

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Places to view spring flowers in South Africa

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Spring in South Africa – especially along the Western and Northern Capes, is something special: Flowers bloom all across arid areas that are barren desserts for the rest of the year. Of course, being in the southern hemisphere, spring hits in July or August, but these flower blooms may continue well into September, depending on the weather that particular year. This is a great time to drive around the flower-rich terrain of South Africa, and also a great time to go hiking or mountain biking through these flower laden routes. Courtesy of Pascal Parent/flickr Flowers in South Africa: Namaqualand [...]

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