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Top 10 boys names inspired by African Kings

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Perhaps you are of African descent and are struggling to find authentic African names for your new born son, or perhaps you went to Africa and fell in love with it, and so you want to name your new born an African name? Or do you just want to know a little more about famous African kings, and the meaning behind their names? Whatever the reason, here is a top 10 list of boys names inspired by great African kings, and a little about their origins and meaning. Courtesy of Matt Brown/Flickr African Names: Shaka Shaka Zulu is the [...]

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Remarkable African leaders that shaped history

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We all have some idea of leaders when we think of Africa as a whole and through its separate nations alone. With some really well-known, prolific names like Nelson Mandela at the forefront of people's minds when they think of African leaders, it's easy to let other important names fall by the wayside, but with so many nations and so many historical aspects to consider when thinking of great leaders, there are many who have come out of the continent. Here we look at the top ten greats, what they have done (or are doing), and a little about each. Courtesy of [...]

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Great African Leaders and Warriors

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When thinking of African leaders, most people may think of the Zulu tribal fighters of centuries past taking on colonial powers such as the British. While this is true, it's only one very small aspect of the concept of warriors in African history, which is wide and diverse when it comes to various warriors of a different caliber. Some were known for leading fierce battles for independence, while others were known for their fantastic skills on the battlefield. Here we look at the top ten greatest African Warriors from throughout the history of this great continent. Courtesy of Comic Repblic/dw.com African [...]

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