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Spoil Your Loved Ones With These Stunning African Gemstones

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Africa personifies beauty in every sense of the word, from the stunning wildlife to scenic landscapes, vast rivers, and breath-taking waterfalls. Perhaps less well known are the beautiful African gemstone types found across the continent. The world’s supply of Rubies and Sapphires are mined in Madagascar. Deep, eye-catching Tourmalines colours are found in Mozambique, while large quantities of Tanzanite gemstones are found in Tanzania, alone with zircons, garnets, and more. Next time you think of spoiling yourself or a loved one, make sure to invest in an African gemstone. Courtesy of jeff schultz/Flickr Sphene Sphene is a stone which [...]

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African Bling – African Diamonds And Gemstones

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African diamonds have been objects of desire for many centuries and have been associated with supernatural qualities for health and protection. In African tradition, diamonds, gemstones, and beads have always been used as a form of personal adornment. Some of the continent’s largest and most radiant gemstones have also been coveted by royalty around the world and used in world-famous jewellery masterpieces such as the British Crown Jewels. Here are some of Africa’s biggest, brightest, and most beautiful finds.    Courtesy of Unknown Photographer/On This Day African Diamond: The Cullinan The largest diamond ever found in the entire world was [...]

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