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10 fascinating African traditions to experience

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While many tribal cultural traditions are well understood and replicated in popular culture in the west, such as 'First Nations' North American's and tribes in the Middle-East, African tribal traditions still – for the most part – remain shrouded in an air of mystery and are so often misunderstood. Here we take a look at 10 African cultural traditions that will increase your understanding of the continents historical culture and traditional values. Courtesy of ETSEY ATISU/ face2faceafrica.com African Tradition: “Bride-napping” Although not wide spread like it once was in Africa, the kidnapping one woman by men who want them [...]

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Dark skinned Africans with extraordinary blue eyes

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Courtesy of Sputnik/sputniknews.com Are stone age hunter-gatherers the key to understanding the phenomenon of Africans with blue eyes? Initially, anthropologists and biologists assumed that humans skin evolved to become 'lighter' in colour as they moved into more northern latitudes, but recent discoveries are turning that theory on its head, with some recent discoveries analysing well-preserved 7000-year-old skeletons of stone-age hunter-gatherers who lived in Europe. A DNA analysis on a skeleton's wisdom tooth has revealed an unusual mix of racial traits: Dark, African skin, curly brown hair and blue eyes. This is perhaps even more staggering because this hunter's skeleton is most [...]

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The Big 5: Cape Buffalo

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Undoubtedly the easiest of the Big 5 hard to hunt animals to see, the Cape Buffalo is not endangered and is found in herds of up to an incredible 500. These hard to hunt animals are found all over in the easily accessible and affordable Krueger National Park. However, the best places are in the far north or far southern reaches of the Park. A few years ago a baby buffalo was snatched away by crocodiles and lions in Krueger, and video footage of this went viral on social media and via YouTube. Happily – and quite astonishingly – the baby was rescued by [...]

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The Big 5: Leopards

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Leopards are mainly nocturnal beasts who primarily hunt at night. These big 5 can make themselves particularly tricky to be seen because very few Parks and Reserves in Africa allow night-time driving safaris. The exception to this is in Zambia, in South Luangwa National Park, which is indeed another good choice as night safaris greatly increase your chance of seeing leopards there. However, Lake Nakuru is arguably a better choice because the leopards here are commonly seen in the daytime – which is a real rarity. This is mainly due to landscape, which has a high density of fever trees which have very thick [...]

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The Big 5: Elephants

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This National Park has to be the clear pick of the bunch simply because of the fact the Park is estimated to be home to around 70,000 elephants, best viewed in the dry season. So your chances of seeing these big 5 here are statistically better than anywhere else; except perhaps Selous Game Reserve mentioned above in Tanzania, which is said to have the highest density of elephants in Africa. However, Chobe National Park has the biggest overall population in Africa, and the elephants here are said to be some of the biggest elephants physically you can find in Africa. So Chobe just edges [...]

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The Big 5: Rhino

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Fastly becoming extinct, the rhinoceros is on par with lions for people's favourites of the Big 5 hard to hunt animals. Sadly, the best places for viewing these endangered animals that could well be extinct in as little as 5-10 years if poaching for the ivory trade is not thwarted in the next few years is in conservation parks and sanctuaries. Undoubtedly the best of these has to be at Ol Pejeta in Kenya; It is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa and thus is home to a great number of free-roaming black rhinos. But the icing on the cake here is [...]

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The Big 5: Lions

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Arguably the Lion is the most popular out of the 'Big 5' hard to hunt animals people want to see, perhaps because it's so associated with and deeply attached to Africa in people's consciousness. Although two of the most popular National Parks in Africa – The Serengeti (northern Tanzania) and the Kruger National Park (South Africa) – are great places to spot Lions, mainly due to the fact that the populations in both are not in decline, Selous comes highly recommended because you are likely to be the only tourists around when you spot them, so you have the whole experience to yourself. [...]

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African Dogs: Aardwolf

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Aardwolves have a yellow-brow coat which includes vertical black stripes and a dark haired stripe on the back which stands on end when it is threatened or scared. It is a moderately-sized dog with a shoulder height of 40-50cm and has a tail length 20-25cm, while it has a length of 65-80cm from its nose to tail and weighs in at 8 to 12kg. All in all, it resembles a small Hyena and can easily be mistaken for one in the wild. In fact, it is related to the Hyena species, however it has evolved to exclusively eat termites and is incapable of eating [...]

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Best Shopping Malls You Should Visit In Cairo

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Cairo has always been the best shopping destination in Egypt, where there is no shortage of local souks to go bargain hunting for souvenirs. However, in the past two decades or so, Cairo saw a significant rise in the number of modern shopping malls. More and more international brands are introduced to the Egyptian market every year, including high-end luxury items. Egyptians seem to love strolling through shopping malls, whether they are actually there to shop or to just to relax, meet up with friends or have a coffee or lunch in any of the many dining areas and restaurants available. Currently, there are [...]

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Top 10 Must Visit Dining Experiences in Cairo

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An advantage to staying in Cairo is its vast variety of options to choose from when you’re hungry. Cairo has an abundance of fast-food places where you can grab a quick bite and where you will find just about every sandwich you can think of. However, we are here for those times when you are seeking more than just a quick bite. Specifically, for when you’re in an experimenting mood or just feel like having a different dining experience. Whatever the reason, be it a birthday, special occasion or just the sake of novelty, we did a quick scan around Cairo and put together [...]

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