The days are long gone, when Africa was only known for its marvelous Pyramids and mighty River Nile. Today Africa is one of the trending destinations for tourists and visitors. Being the second-largest continent after Asia, Africa is guaranteed to give you some unusual African restaurants and breathtaking experiences, from brilliant Architectures of Egypt to heights of Mount Kilimanjaro and dinner with sharks! Or in a tree, or in a Cave, if you prefer you can also enjoy your candle-light dinner between two oceans! In recent years, Africa has emerged as a gourmand’s paradise.  You can only find such amazing, strange, and unique  African restaurants on the continent.  Young entrepreneurs from all across the continent have designed restaurants with incredible views and very unique concepts, that are guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime.  Here are 10 of the most unusual and breathtaking African restaurants you can visit on your trip!

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

African Restaurant: Dine With Sharks

Situated in Durban, South Africa, Cargo Hold Restaurant offers you to fulfill your JAWS fantasy. Here you can enjoy a wonderful dinner with Sharks! This African restaurant is built inside an old cargo ship, with a giant wall-sized shark aquarium and a dining area next to it. Don’t worry yet, your safety is guaranteed by a thick bullet-proof glass wall!
Cuisines:  Delicious seafood, along with international cuisine. If you are excited to tell tales about your dinner with sharks, this is a place you must visit. 

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Candle Light Dinner in a Cave, Mombasa

African Restaurant: Candle Light Dinner in a Cave

Candlelight dinners have become more mainstream and boring! If you really want to have a great romantic time then you must dine in Ali Barbour’s Cave. This cave and this African restaurant are located just south of Mombasa. After crossing its narrow interlinking chambers, you can enter the main dining area, 10m below the ground. You can enjoy exotic international meals and delicious sea-food, under an elegant and romantic atmosphere.  

Cuisine: Take our word and try Madagascar fillet and seafood pasta with white wine! Many eager Batman Fans also visit this African restaurant for the luxury it offers!

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Drink inside a Hollow Tree, South Africa

African Restaurant: Drink inside a Hollow Tree

Who wants to visit Vegas for a bachelor party, when you can enjoy the best lavish drinks inside a thousand-year-old tree! The big baobab in Limpopo, South Africa is one of the strangest eateries and bars. This African restaurant is created in a tree-house, while the bar is set up inside an enormous hollow tree. But be sure to book your seats in advance, as the restaurant can only accommodate 20 people at one time.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Moonlight Dinner Run, Victoria Falls

African Restaurant: Late Afternoon Dinner at Victoria Falls

Trains are for travelers, not for gourmands, well? Moonlight Dinner Run will certainly break your opinion.  This African restaurant offers a moving dinner inside the old train carriages. But make no mistake, this dinner is best known for the delicious 3-course meal and sparkling champagne it offers. You can enjoy magnificent views of Victoria Falls and Zambazi National Park.
Cuisine:  Enjoy a wonderful 3-course meal along with champagne or white wine. If you are really someone, who always does something crazy, this place is definitely for you.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Counting stars, South Africa

African Restaurant: Counting stars

When it comes to dining experiences, this diner at Johannesburg, South Africa will provide you an incredible inter-steller experience. Formerly an observatory was turned into an African restaurant. Today it holds the largest private telescope in whole South Africa. You can gaze at magnificent special Imagery while you wait for your dessert.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, MOYO

Courtesy of MOYO/

African Restaurant: Connect with African Tradition

There are a number of African restaurants throughout the continent that offer traditional African food inside of a special traditional tent. One in particular that we liked is MOYO, if you prefer you can also have your dinner served in an exotic garden.
Cuisine:  Seafood and traditional African dishes only, along with some popular continental dishes. If you really want to explore real African traditions and customs, then this place is for you.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Between Two Oceans, South Africa

African Restaurant: Between Two Oceans

We have saved the best restaurant for last. Situated in South Africa, Two Oceans is a restaurant designed to make you feel like you are in the middle of the ocean. While you are actually in the middle of two oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This African restaurant specially designed structure closely resembles those of a giant whale. You can enjoy international cuisine, as well as traditional African food.
Cuisine:  Mainly seafood and traditional western dishes, along with some continental dishes. If you want to dine at the edge of the world then this place will not disappoint you.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Pollsmoor Mess, Cape Town, South Africa

African Restaurant: Among the Most Wanted

No one likes being imprisoned. But some of us have always wandered being inside a prison, experiencing prison atmosphere. Fortunately, there are two restaurants in South Africa, where you can enjoy your meal with the most wanted! Pollsmoor Mess in Cape Town is not a prison-themed diner, instead, it has been set-up inside an actual prison. And whether you believe it or not, on normal days you will have to book a week in advance to get seats! But worry not, your security is guaranteed. Inmates have been certified to work as waiters or chefs and you can expect very tasty food

Kadealo, African Restaurants, On a Rock, Middle of the Ocean, Zanzibar

African Restaurant: On a Rock, Middle of the Ocean!

In Zanzibar you can enjoy your meal on a giant rock! Well, not actually on a rock, but a restaurant designed on a giant rock! The rock restaurant is very famous for its magnificent design and panoramic views. The African restaurant has only 12 tables and an amazing outdoor terrace. It is accessible by foot and by boat, as it is located less than a mile from the shore.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, La Tante DC 10, Ghana

African Restaurant: Inside a Plane

Aircrafts are not known for their delicious 3-course food. But La Tante DC 10 Restaurant in Ghana might change your opinion! This African restaurant offers meals inside an actual plane! Historically part of Air Ghana Airlines, this aircraft was turned into a restaurant after the company went bank corrupt. The Craft was brought to Marina Mall and turned into a restaurant. This place offers locals who have never been on a flight before, to enjoy the luxury of dining inside a jet. The original interior has been kept untouched while replacing seats with dining tables and movable chairs. You will be surprised by “How better food inside a flight can be!”

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