They say that travel broadens the mind and opens up an endless world of possibilities and new horizons, and if you’re thinking of spreading your metaphorical wings and seeing the world, how about thinking outside of the box and trying something a little different? Sure, when most people head abroad on holidays and vacations, they tend to be drawn to sunny holiday resorts by the sea. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you’re thinking that you may be looking to try something new and unique, why not consider visiting Africa instead? Africa is one of the most underrated parts of the entire world, and it would make the ultimate vacation destination getaway. The sun is hot, the weather is great, the beaches are like tropical paradises, and the diversity of the wildlife is second to none. For keen nature lovers, a luxury safari camp in Africa would go down an absolute treat and would bring you closer to nature than ever before. Here’s a look at the top 10 luxury safari camps in Africa.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Tanzania

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Safari Camp: Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Tanzania

Located in Tanzania, in the Serengeti national park, the four seasons safari lodge is a real treasure. It is essentially a hotel with 12 luxury suites and 77 guest rooms, plus private villas as well. It is literally a stone’s throw away from the bush, which is why there are members of staff at the hotel posted outside, to ensure guests don’t accidentally wander into the bush in the darkness. There is even a live stream of a webcam from the hotel, which is aimed directly at the nearest watering hole, so you can watch the animals in the comfort of your own room.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Chinzombo, Zambia

Safari Camp: Chinzombo, Zambia

Chinzombo, located in Zambia, is ideal for anybody with a taste for the finer things in life. It is made up of six luxurious villas, all of which are practically brand new and have private pools, dining areas, lounges, and even their own libraries, so you can read up on the local wildlife in the old fashioned way. Guests can also make use of the local spa. The safari camp is located in more than 60 acres of private land, so who knows what kind of wildlife you will encounter.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Ivory Lodge, South Africa

Safari Camp: Ivory Lodge, South Africa

Situated on the Lion Sands Reserve, the Ivory Lodge in South Africa, is a real treat for anybody looking to really indulge themselves. There is drinks and food a-plenty, along with six private luxury villas, complete with personal infinity pools, plus spacious decking sitting areas that have their own private telescope. In particular, if you have an interest in watching birds, this safari camp comes very highly recommended indeed.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Royal Melawane, South Africa

Safari Camp: Royal Melawane, South Africa

Another safari camp located in South Africa is the Royal Melawane, which is ideally placed in the Kruger National Park. There is luxury, and there is TRUE LUXURY and the Royal Melawane safari camp is certainly true luxury as guests can enjoy personal infinity pools, huge window-side baths, luxury accommodation, and even their own personal trackers, rangers, and butlers. Celebrities and billionaires often stay here, and when you see it for yourself, you will immediately understand why that is.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Khwai River Lodge, Botswana

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Safari Camp: Khwai River Lodge, Botswana

Botswana is one of the best locations for observing wildlife in its natural habitat, which is why the Khwai River Lodge is considered so popular. This safari camp provides personal viewing platforms, binoculars, an intercom system for when you do require assistance, as well as a private infinity pool overlooking the bush, where you can observe animals such as hippos, wallowing in the mud of the adjacent river.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Cottars 1920 camp, Kenya

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Safari Camp: Cottars 1920 camp, Kenya

As you can probably guess, this safari camp has a distinct 1920’s theme, that reverts back the golden era of safari. The camp itself is packed full of vintage antiques, plus, even the members of staff are kitted out in vintage safari fashion, so you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. Accommodation comes in the form of luxury tents, some of which even have their own fireplaces. They’re referred to as tents, yet there are marquees in the world that are smaller, so you will have more than enough space. The entire experience is well worth a trip, which is why Cottars 1920 camp is so popular.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Sasaab, Kenya

Safari Camp: Sasaab, Kenya

For a very northern Kenyan safari experience, Sasaab is absolutely perfect, for so many reasons. There is a Swahili feel to the place, the accommodation is stunning, the views over the horizon are astounding, and of course, there is an abundance of wildlife to observe. The landscape is very desert-like, and that only adds to the charm, especially when you observe the locals riding camels up and down the safaris.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Swalu Khalahari Reserve, South Africa


Safari Camp: Tswalu Khalahari Reserve, South Africa

This privately owned game reserve in South Africa is ideal for anybody looking to really get away from it all and get back to nature. The lodge, complete with 8 private suites, is perfect for relaxing and observing animals in their natural surroundings. There are Meerkats, Black Rhinos, Cheetahs, and much more besides. You can even go hunting for Khalahari Truffles, which will be used in the luxurious meals you consume.

Kadealo, African Safari Camp, Kings Pool Camp, Botswana

Safari Camp: Kings Pool Camp, Botswana

If Elephants are your thing, then Kings Pool Camp is the destination for your safari. The camp overlooks the Kings Pool Lagoon, as well as the Linyanti River, so you will see all kinds of beautiful creatures. You can view the water from raised decking seating areas, or observe from your luxury tents, which are placed on raised platforms, and all complete with private plunge pools, so when the sun does get too intense, a quick dip will soon cool you down.