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African Home Decor: Swahili African Modern

Swahili African Modern sells a variety of hand baskets, dining, and kitchen utensils from all over the African continent. All these African home decor products are handcrafted by a network of African artists, and their business model focuses on sustainable product development, which means all earnings go towards building projects in African communities. Some interesting products include hand-woven Christmas decorations, as well as decorative sculptures made from recycled materials. Their website ships worldwide and can be found at www.swahilimodern.com

Kadealo, African Home Decor Websites, Badia Design

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African Home Decor: Badia Design

Badia Design Inc. offers an array of Moroccan home decor products, such as handmade furniture, brass chandeliers, mosaic tables, and Moroccan hand-painted tiles. The quality and authenticity of the products are reflected in the fact that Badia Design Inc. is actually the leading supplier of the Movie Prop Rental in Los Angeles; Some of its products have been featured in hit television productions including Criminal Minds, NCIS, Desperate Housewives and the hit-film ‘Iron Man.’ Badia Design ship worldwide via their website:   http://www.badiadesign.com/ .

Kadealo, African Home Decor Websites, African Allure

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African Home Decor: African Allure

African Allure is a fair trade art and home décor company. Its website – http://africanallure.com/ – features an array of handcrafted African home décor, such as granary doors, Zulu pottery, and woven textiles. All the products available are uniquely handcrafted to order, ensuring each product made is 100% unique. They also offer free shipping to the US on all orders over $100.

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African Home Decor: Casablanca Market

As the name suggests, Casablanca Market offers African home décor products from Morocco. Every purchase made on their website – http://www.casablancamarket.com/ – goes towards the financial security of the craftspeople who make the products and provides access to the global market place for them. Products here include lavish mosaic tables, tiles, mirrors and windows, pillows and blankets, and infamous Moroccan rugs. 

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African Home Decor: Eva Sonaike

Eva Sonaike is of Nigerian-origin and moved to London, England, to found her online company – http://www.evasonaike.com/ – using African prints and textiles to create colourful fabrics and accessories for home décor and interior design. Products include cushions, footstools, and furnishings that combine the rich African aesthetic with the highest quality velvets and leathers.

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African Home Decor: Mosaik

http://www.e-mosaik.com/ is the online store of Mosaik – an African home décor store that specialises in North African styled mosaic designs on all sorts of home furnishing products, such as coffee tables, Berber designed rugs and carpets, and traditional Moroccan brass kettles to brew delicious mint tea. The website even has traditional Moroccan tents that are huge enough to host events inside, such as wedding receptions! 

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African Home Decor: Nguni Hide Products

Specialising in using the multicoloured patterned hides of South Africa’s indigenous Nguni Cattle to create African home décor, http://ngunihomedecor.com/ , provides an all-purpose hide that you can use as a rug, an ornamental wall piece, a covering for sofas, or for a tablecloth. Delivery is free in South Africa and is guaranteed next day delivery. For international deliveries, any purchases exceeding 700 South African Rand includes a free small gift!

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Treasures of Morocco

A Moroccan online business found at http://treasuresofmorocco.com/ , delivers African home décor products such as Henna skin lamps, beautiful multi-coloured glass lanterns, and for the religious-orientated, spectacular mosaic prayer rugs. The shop also offers a range of traditional Moroccan clothing, such as hooded Djellabas, and kitchenware such as traditional serving tagines, perfect for cooking and serving your own Moroccan food in the comfort of your own home.

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A South-Africa based home décor company that has now expanded onto the online domain via their website https://www.weylandts.co.za/, Weylandts offers a vast assortment of products for home, such as bedding, furniture, curtains, mirrors, and lighting. The style combines handcrafted, African-styled artistic tendencies with the functionality of Scandinavian structural design to create truly unique African home décor collections and pieces. 

Courtesy of weylandts.co.za