When we think of heading abroad on holiday, we immediately think of hot sunshine and golden sandy beaches, and usually, it is countries such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal that immediately spring to mind. While these destinations do indeed have some great weather and lovely beaches, Africa is becoming an attractive alternative for those seeking a beach holiday beyond Europe. Africa is home to some of the most stunning beaches and holiday resorts on the planet. For those in need of some travel inspiration, we take you on a journey across the continent and explore the top 10 destinations for an African beach holiday.

Kadealo, Beaches in Africa, African beach holiday Watamu Beach, Kenya

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African beach holiday: Watamu Beach, Kenya

Situated in the National Marine Park, Watamu, this is one of the beaches in Africa that’s pretty much considered to be a hidden gem that is, for the most part at least, undiscovered by the masses. Because of this, it is ideal for those of you looking for your very own peaceful and tranquil tropical paradise. The sands are stunning white and the water amazing emerald green and turquoise colour. There is plenty of natural marine life to discover as you relax in the hot sunshine and listen to the waves gently lapping at the shore of this. 

Kadealo, African beach holiday,Beaches in Africa, Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

African beach holiday: Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Kenya is one of the most-visited parts of Africa, and when you see the beaches, you will understand why. Situated on Kenya’s beautiful coast, this beach provides white sands, clear blue waters, hot sunshine, and a vast array of natural coastal life. The crystal-clear waters make for an amazing snorkelling experience. The island is car-free which helps make it that little bit more magical and enjoyable to walk around and explore one of the most beautiful beaches in africa, Lamu Town. 


Kadealo, African beach holiday,Beaches in Africa, Lake Malawi, Malawi

African beach holiday: Lake Malawi, Malawi

Ok, technically a lake, and technically an entire landlocked country, Malawi is ideal as it provides golden sandy beaches, lush green surroundings and foliage, and some of the most fantastic wild animals you could ever wish to see. Lake Malawi is home to a huge array of cichlid fishes that thrive in the tropical climate, so for fish lovers, Malawi is a must. 


Kadealo,African beach holiday, Beaches in Africa, Cape Maclear Beach, Malawi

African beach holiday: Cape Maclear Beach, Malawi

This is one of the most lively beaches in Africa and if you do not mind visiting a slightly busier, and slightly more tourist-orientated beach and coastal region, Cape Maclear is perfect. The sands are a golden peach colour and the ocean a transparent blue. The warm waters make snorkelling, kayaking, diving, and swimming very pleasant and enjoyable. 

Kadealo, African beach holiday,Beaches in Africa, Tofo Beach, Mozambique

African beach holiday: Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Another one of the most wonderful beaches in Africa is Tofo. For those of you who enjoy getting up close and personal with natural marine life, Tofo beach is ideal. This beach stretches for more than 8km and features golden sands, clear blue seas, natural rolling surf, and virtually constant sunshine and warm temperatures all year long. Located in Mozambique, just some of the creatures you can expect to clasp eyes upon include: whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and much more besides. 


Kadealo, African beach holiday, Beaches in Africa, St Marie Island, Madagascar

African beach holiday: St Marie Island, Madagascar

St Marie Island is one of the tropical-paradise beaches in Africa that would easily rival the Seychelles, the Bahamas, and even the Maldives. The sun is always shining. The waters are crystal clear and invitingly warm. The sand brilliantly soft and white in colour, and with palm trees scattered everywhere, you can understand why couples flock to this tropical paradise. During whale season, you can see humpback whales in their natural habitats. There are several luxury resorts and hotels to choose from, to make your stay even more memorable. 


Kadealo, African beach holiday, Beaches in Africa, Xai Xai Beach, Mozambique

African beach holiday: Xai Xai Beach, Mozambique

Although Xai Xai beach may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other beaches on our list so far, it still deserves to be included on our list of best beaches in Africa. It has vast expanses of natural golden sand beaches and the waters are warm, crystal-clear, and teaming with numerous specifies of fish. It’s an ideal location if you like being secluded and want to avoid large crowds. Perfect for anglers or snorkelling. 


Kadealo, African beach holiday,Beaches in Africa, Russian Bay, Madagascar

African beach holiday: Russian Bay, Madagascar

Although all the beaches in Africa offer you the chance to see some of the diverse wildlife on offer, Russian Bay is on a whole other level. This remote beach is teeming with wildlife including turtles, whale sharks, hundreds of different species of fish, and even dolphins. If you head inland and explore the dense jungle, you will also see reptiles, lemurs, exotic birds, and much more besides. 

Kadealo, African beach holiday, Beaches in Africa, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

African beach holiday: Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Some of the best beaches in Africa are indeed on Zanzibar Island, which is, without question, one of the most stunning islands in the entire world. The sands are like silk underfoot, they are amazingly white in colour, they contrast beautifully with the emerald waters of the sea, and with palm trees and green foliage scattered throughout, you will feel as if you are in your own personal heaven. There is even a UNESCO World Heritage site known as Stone Town, which is situated a short walk from the beach, where you can see how the different African and Arabic cultures have helped to shape the island into what it is today. 


Kadealo, African beach holiday, Beaches in Africa, Boulders Beach, South Africa

Boulders beach is another one of the best beaches in Africa that’s worth a visit, just to see the comically and aptly named ‘jackass penguins’. These penguins are incredibly cute and get their name because of how they behave. They spend much of the day bathing in the warm sun before cooling off in the waters, surfing the waves, and having the time of their lives. If you have children, Boulders beach is perfect due to the penguins alone, although the waters are also calm and mild, and the beach itself is very attractive.