African style has long been admired by not just people with African heritage, but by anyone with a flair for colours and patterns as well as interesting folds and fabrics. With the increased use of the internet in recent years to help with the sales and movement of goods, there have been likewise an increase in the development and spread of online shops catering to African tastes and products, making it a breeze to bring home a piece of African culture without ever having to leave your house. The variety of shops available catering to African style is plentiful, but here are the top ten options, in no particular order, making finding your own pieces of Africa easy.

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African Style Clothing: Zuvaa

This online shop acts as a middle man between designers of African style and the customer. They have a fantastic range of fashion, including plus sizes. Their prices range from around $10 to over $200, making them one of the favourites for people looking to get a piece of African style for themselves. You can see their wares at The main website is currently down and will reopen later in 2020. 

Kadealo, African Style Clothing Online, The African Shop, Africa

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African Style Clothing: The African Shop

As the name suggests, The African Shop is a one-stop-shop for African styled dresses, skirts, and all sorts of clothes. It’s a great spot for inspiration for ankara and other fabrics on top of selling popular designer pieces by Grass Fields. With prices ranging from $60 and up, this is a bit of a high-end online shop for those looking for something perhaps a bit more special. You can see their products at

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African Style Clothing: D’iyanu

This Nigerian inspired online Philadelphia based shop specialises in bold, fun patterns and fabrics mixed with western style. These unique pieces were started by Addie Olutola in 2014 and are moderately priced with fantastic quality and style. Definitely not to miss. You can check out the line at or on their social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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African Style Clothing: Kisua

A high-end fashion collection for those with a bit of a larger budget, this online shop features African style and designs from a host of African designers from throughout the continent. From Congo to Ghana and Nigeria on their list, this retailer has a variety of items that will both excite and delight. Check them out at

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African Style Clothing: Sapelle

Sapelle began as a desire to bring African fashion to the wider global community and help close the gap between distributors and consumers. With clothing made around the world, fusing a mix of stunning African style and fashions that work for women regardless of background, Sapelle helps women everywhere proudly display African fashions. Through their ethical operating standpoint, Sapelle uses fair employment, fair pricing, responsible sourcing to help their artisans and craftspeople be able to be showcased in the online global market without the need for sacrificing quality or ethics. Their website is

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African Style Clothing: Nubian Hueman

This African style boutique shop based in Washington DC has an online store as well as a concrete one, advertising and selling a large variety of African inspired wares. While their clothing section is limited, their other pieces range from handicrafts, jewellery, and various accessories, including African style print hats. None of the prices at this African style clothing shop break over the $200 mark, making this online shop a good bet for something not necessarily clothing related. Their website is

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African Style Clothing: Ohema Ohene

This online retailer based in the UK has a wide array of items inspired by the African style, including print shoes that are a sure thing for something a little different. Ohema Ohene also carries a line of menswear, which makes this an ideal website for your African style apparel needs. Check out their trends and fashion lines at

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African Style Clothing: Moonlook

Moonlook, likewise, deserves a mention given its fantastic ethical practice through sourcing, pricing, and promotion, making Moonlook a well-loved online retailer for African style and goods. This Paris-based retailer hosts a number of young and up-and-coming designers from lesser-known locales such as Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Ethiopia, meaning they have a fantastically diverse range of styles and colours to suit the discerning shopper. Their website is

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