So you’ve found the girl (or guy!) of your dreams, and you want to pop the question, but you want it to be as memorable and amazing as it can be. Africa is one of the most romantic continents on Earth, much of it being due to its relative unexplored countrysides and coastlines – still being seen as somewhere people don’t often think of as their first choice destination. A proposal in Africa gives a feel of seclusion, romantic nights under the stars with just you and your partner, and the wildness of the African land to yourselves. Perfection, really, especially for a marriage proposal in Africa.

Kadealo, Romantic Proposal in Africa, Egypt

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A proposal in Africa: Egypt

One of the most popular ways to take in the scenery and landscape of Luxor in Egypt is by hot air balloon, allowing you fantastic views from above – the perfect backdrop for your proposal in Africa. Egyptians also love helping you make your perfect moment even better, so you have the option to add a few fantastic extras such as champagne or music to your balloon trip. The sunsets in Luxor are unrivalled as well, setting against the hills and red-earth surrounding the city, making the perfect moment. Other exciting options for a proposal in Africa include a history-filled visit to the Great Pyramids, perhaps popping the question below the world-famous Sphinx. 

Kadealo, Romantic Proposal in Africa, Tanzania

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A Proposal in Africa: Tanzania

If you’re looking for luxury and excitement for your proposal in Africa, Tanzania has the best of both worlds. With luxurious beach accommodation options – some of which even offer private butler service – you are ensured the most romantic and luscious of escapes, perfect for your proposal on one of the long stretches of pristine white beaches. Further inland, you could opt for a balloon safari on the Serengeti, popping the question to your loved one while watching the animals gallop around from above. Camping is another option in some of the reserves of Tanzania, allowing you the opportunity to propose in the midst of majestic mountains or on a private walk through the African bush looking for animals together. Whichever way you prefer to enjoy one of the best moments of your life, Tanzania offers several fantastic options for the perfect proposal in Africa

Kadealo, Romantic Proposal in Africa, South Africa

A Proposal in Africa: South Africa

Undoubtedly, South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for question-popping. With the options ranging from atop Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset, on a secluded part of the extensive, rugged coastline or on the beaches just to name a few, the options are numerous for a proposal in Africa. Horseback riding along Noordhoek beach in Cape Town for those looking for seclusion and romance, having the feeling of being completely alone in the world, while enjoying a picnic for two on one of South Africa’s many wine farms is another potential option. The choices truly are endless, with only your imagination as the limit in South Africa. One romantic tip is to get personalised bottles of wine to mark the occasion, a perfect, romantic memento of a beautiful proposal in Africa.
Other absolutely fantastic proposal spots in South Africa include the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in the Cederberg mountain range, where luxurious and romantic secluded accommodations give you the feeling of having all of South Africa’s starlit skies to yourselves. Cederberg itself is a perfect location for a proposal in Africa, with many gorgeous mountainside spots with amazing views to create the most idyllic backdrop possible. Kruger National Park also deserves a mention, with its gorgeous lookout points, some of which, such as God’s Window, can see all the way into Mozambique.
Other ideas for a proposal in Africa include proposals in lighthouses such as at Gansbaai. With options to go up to the top of the water-encircled lighthouse here and at other locations along the South African coast, they make for romantic options for nautical-lovers, and just anyone who loves to be near the sea. Many options for accommodation are nearby, with some self-catering options being best for those who want a quiet week or weekend away from it all, with just the two of you alone in Africa.

Kadealo, Romantic Proposal in Africa, Zambia

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A Proposal in Africa: Zambia

Of course, one of the most poignant spots for a proposal in Africa will be Victoria Falls in Zambia – these impressive, gorgeous waterfalls are one of the most beautiful sites in the world and will ensure you get the best response to your proposal. With this being one of the most romantic spots as well, you can’t go wrong with a proposal in a place like this. Personalise it with a picnic or other planned accompaniments such as champagne or wine. Other options for a proposal in Africa include a proposal on safari in Zambia – what better way to pop the question than in the wilds of the countryside with just your loved one and the myriads of animals that come and go in the background.  

Kadealo, Romantic Proposal in Africa, Mozambique

A Proposal in Africa: Mozambique

With a number of outdoor activities awaiting you and your loved one in Mozambique, this destination is perfect for outdoor activity lovers if you are planning a proposal in Africa. With options for zip-lining, rock-climbing, surfing, snorkelling, diving, or just relaxing on the beach, you will find no end to the options for the action lover here. Additionally, Mozambique is home to a number of luxury resorts and hotels, many with beach views and access, which helps make Mozambique a lover’s paradise, perfect for romantic moments such as proposals. If you want to have your proposal in Africa make Mozambique your personal paradise by popping the question here, and cementing this gorgeous nation in your hearts forever. 

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A Proposal in Africa: The Seychelles

This is perhaps one of the most idyllic and romantic places for a proposal in Africa – known as the location in which Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. Whisk your partner away to this gorgeous island nation and let the surroundings do the rest. With luscious options for luxury accommodation and activities in Seychelles, this is a sure bet for a perfect proposal in Africa. Secluded, white sand beaches, turquoise seas, and gorgeous rock formations make this an ideal and beautiful location in which to ask the most important question of your life. 

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