Africa is becoming a global ‘go-to’ travel destination on the rise, from family safaris to romantic honeymoon trips, Africa is the perfect answer. But apart from its adventure sports and historical monuments, Africa has a lot to offer to foodies and travelers. Indeed, Africa is a gourmand’s paradise! Out of the world’s 50 best restaurants, 12 are from Africa. Due to its rich culture, in each African restaurant, you can find top-notch French, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic food in Africa, combine all these with thousands of years old traditional African dishes, and you get some of the most breathtaking and mouthwatering, delicious food! We have handpicked 15 of the finest dining places in Africa, based on Tripadvisor ratings and recommended by our staff.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, The Greenhouse, Constantia

African Restaurant: The Greenhouse, Constantia

Ratings: 92% Recommendation Rate
Famous For: Springbok, Ostrich, Wild oysters and Red wine.
Location: Constantia Wine Valley, Cape Town, South Africa

Located at Hohenort Hotel, in the heart of Cape Town, this hotel is owned by famous chef Peter Templeoff.  Over the years, this African restaurant has gained the title of “Best Hotel of Africa” more than once. Some of the travelers describing as “A work of Art” and “once in a lifetime experience.” The main course offers traditional South African food, French Cuisine, and excellent seafood. The wines are exotic and exclusive. Beautiful Gardens only increase its beauty and glamour. It was the taste and quality of this African restaurant, which lead them to win “Certificate of Excellence” in 2014.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, DW Eleven 13, Johannesburg

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African Restaurant: DW-Eleven-13, Johannesburg

Location: Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Yet another South African Restaurant Located in Johannesburg, run by Chef Marthinus Ferreira, has the highest rating on TripAdvisor. Best known for its charming customer service and Delicious Food is guaranteed to surpass your expectations! With special seasonal menus, it is hard to resist regular dinner in DW-Eleven! The sophisticated ambiance is guaranteed to give you a great dinner in this restaurant.


Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Al Fassia, Morocco

African Restaurant: Al Fassia, Morocco

Ratings: 81% People Recommends Al Fassia.
Location: Marrakech, Morocco

If you are looking for traditional Moroccan food, then there is no better place than Al Fassia. Famous for its roast lamb, Al Fassia serves many Delicious Arab-African Dishes. Its short but elegant wines offer you a very decent taste. You must try some of its traditional dishes, which offer ‘Beyond Explanations’ experience. Al Fassia provides an excellent example of tradition mixed with Luxury. Simplicity and politeness of staff have earned this African restaurant ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and very good ratings.


Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Tamambo Karen Blixen, Kenya

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African Restaurant: Tamambo Karen Blixen

Specialty: Spicy Chicken Wings, Pork Ribs, Sea food, Homemade Burgers and Veg curries.
Ratings: 87% Recommendation on TripAdvisor
Location: Blixen’s Farmhouse, Nairobi, Kenya

Situated in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, Tamambo Karen Blixen is known for its beauty and insanely delicious food. The hotel provides a relaxing, peaceful, and friendly environment for dinner. “The best place to find western food in the whole Kenya.”  as one visitor told us. This African restaurant is also known for being vegan friendly; they have a huge variety of vegetarian dishes to offer. The staff is also very responsive and friendly; you can enjoy snacks, lunch, or delicious dinner anytime! Some of our staff members highly recommend this place, even if you are visiting Nairobi just for a few hours!

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, The Tasting Room, Cape Town

African Restaurant: The Tasting Room

Famous For:  Chakalaka Lollipop, Continental Food, Ultra Luxurious Wines and Refreshing Cocktails.
Ratings: 89% Recommend This Restaurant.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Established in a luxury hotel, the tasting room lies at the center of Cape Town. The incredible décor and scenery of the restaurant are as appealing as the delicious, mouth-watering food. This African restaurant is run by award-winning chef, Margot Janise. Most of the food is grown in the fields of the hotel, and each dish is designed to be perfect. Only once you eat delicious items in the tasting room, you can understand the science of excellent food. It is the unmatched quality and taste that has led the tasting room to win ‘top 50 restaurants’ 7 years in a row! 

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, L’Orange Bleue, South Africa

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African Restaurant: L’Orange Bleue

Location: Thaba Pitsi Nature Reserve, Limpopo

Unlike other restaurants in this list, L’Orange Bleue is in the center of Thaba Pitsi Nature Reserve Park. Known for its magnificent yet simple décor and close experience with wildlife, this African restaurant serves decent quality food. You might have to book in advance, in order to get a reservation.


Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, The Test Kitchen, South Africa

African Restaurant: The Test Kitchen

Ratings: 4.5 Stars out of 5
Location:  Wood Stock, South Africa

Located in Woodstock, South Africa, the test kitchen has been rated as the number one African restaurant on TripAdvisor.  With an average rating of 4.5, the test kitchen offers great cuisine at a slightly higher price range. Known for its unique tasting wine and delicious salmon course, this African restaurant will certainly give you a fabulous evening. This place is so popular that all of the bookings must be made 6 months in advance, but we assure you it is worth the wait!

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, La Colombe, South Africa

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African Restaurant: La Colombe

Ratings: 4.9 Stars out of 5
Location: Constantia, South Africa
Pro Recommendation:  Must try Famous Desert. Breakfast is also impeccable. 

Situated in the middle of Constantia, South Africa, La Colombe is the number one French cuisine in South Africa. Nestled in nature, this African restaurant provides an ultimate 3-course meal for foodies and gourmands.  This African restaurant has one of the best indoor decors and sublime views.


Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Terra Mare, South Africa

African Restaurant: Terra Mare

Location: Paarl, South Africa

Famous for its Italian, fusion, seafood, and European cuisine, Terra Mare is very popular among tourists. Run by a Swiss gentleman, the restaurant does offer one of the most memorable experiences.  As many of the visitors describe it, this African restaurant is a true “perfection embedded in every corner.” Don’t forget to try Mediterranean cuisine, if you are visiting for the first time! 

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Les Jardins de La Medina, Morocco

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African Restaurnat: Les Jardins de La Medina

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Les Jardins de La Medina is known for its unmatched Moroccan diet. The real attractiveness of this African restaurant lies in its simplicity and speedy customer service. This restaurant has been awarded the Traveler’s Choice Awards, repeatedly. The food is very simple yet delicious; the interior is minimalistic and sober. You can also find a decent amount of wine on the menu. Due to its Gorgeous Design, this African restaurant is known as “Gem of Medina.”

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, The Blue Heron, Tanzania

African Restaurant: The Blue Heron

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

After its grand opening in 2002, the blue heron has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Tanzania. With its down-to-earth menu and delicious wood-Burnt pizzas, hearty soups, and exotic Italian cuisine, this African restaurant has a recommendation rate of over 88%! You can enjoy special traditional and international music every Friday.

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Café des Arts, Seychelles

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African Restaurant: Café des Arts

Location: Cote d’Or, Praslin Island, Seychelles

As the name suggests, this café is truly an exotic art center, at least for food! Situated in beautiful isles of Seychelles, Café des Arts is changing Seychelles image as a remote, beautiful island to gourmand’s paradise! Café des Arts is very famous for its lobster and octopus, along with traditional tuna. You will not dare to visit any other African restaurant while in Seychelles, after dining in this one!

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Domaine Anna Restaurant, Mauritius

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African Restaurant: Domaine Anna Restaurant

Located at Medine, Flic en Flac, Mauritius, this is by far the most magical African restaurant of our list. Run by chef Hang, the restaurant is designed to give you mystical dinner experience. Domaine Anna is especially known for exotic seafood and star-lit dinner. Most of the ingredients originate from the chef’s private estate. The lush green gardens surrounding Domaine Anna, add to its picturesque splendor. But be aware, lengthy menus are known to make gourmands surprised. 

Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Zööba, Egypt

African Restaurant: Zööba

Location: Cairo, Egypt
If you are in Cairo, Egypt, then this place is going to be your Second Hotel! Despite its small size, Zööba delivers the best of Egyptian street food.  You will be astonished by its fresh juices, insanely delicious salads, and wheat Kushari. Mouthwatering desserts at Zööba will leave your taste-buds in a deep crave!


Kadealo, African Restaurants, Fine Dining in Africa, Le Saint-Michel, St-Gilles

African Restaurant: Le Saint-Michel

Location: St-Gilles

Le Saint-Michel offers some of the best European and French cuisines in the entire African continent. Without any exaggeration, Le Saint-Michel offers ‘the best beef fillet’! Spending an hour or two in the waiting room will not go in vain, its professional catering, excellent wine, and exotic indoor pool will certainly make your day! Make sure to book in advance, otherwise, you might just be left with the food smell only!


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