Everybody deserves the chance to get away and escape the hustle and bustle of modern society, and for some of us, getting away from it all can do us, and our relationships, a whole world of good. For couples from all over the globe, a romantic getaway for two could be just what is needed to reignite the spark in their relationship/marriage, rather than just doing something conventional, if this applies to you, why not push the boat out and try something new? Africa is, without question, one of the most beautiful parts of the world and is home to so many different surroundings that it has something for everybody. If you’re looking to get a little romance in your life, instead of the usual candlelit dinner, flowers, and chocolates, why not consider a romantic African hideout? Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most romantic hideouts and getaways in all of Africa, so sit back, relax, and prepare to feel more romantic than Casanova on Valentine’s Day, as you read through our list.

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Tinswalo Atlantic Lodges, South Africa

Romantic African Hideout: Tinswalo Atlantic Lodges, South Africa

Situated in Cape Town, Tinswalo lodges are set in one of the most beautiful and romantic locations on the planet. At the base of Chapman’s Peak, in Hout Bay, the lodges are near brand new as they have undergone a full refurb, making them better than ever. The lodge offers 5-star luxury accommodation, amazing views out to sea, a spa, stunning relaxation decks, pools, plus an open kitchen. For a truly romantic experience, an outdoor meal as the sunsets and you gaze out to sea, will put you both in the mood for love and will help bring you closer together than ever before. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Abu Camp, Botswana

Romantic African Hideout: Abu Camp, Botswana

 What could be more magical than laying and gazing at the stars before you and your loved one go to bed? How about, laying and gazing at the stars, from your own bed? Abu Camp, located in Botswana, is located in the bush, and basically allows guests to sleep in a luxurious bed, directly under the stars. Star beds are all the rage in Africa, and if you experience one for yourself, the reasons why will immediately become clear. The camp provides 24-hour service, safaris, and much more besides. The camp itself is located just a stone’s throw away from an elephant enclosure, so you really can’t get much closer to nature than that. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Little Kulala, Namibia

Romantic African Hideout: Little Kulala, Namibia

Located in the Namibian desert, Little Kulala is a luxury desert retreat ideally situated on a private Kulala Wilderness Reserve, which covers more than 27,000 hectares. The accommodation itself is made up of 11 “kulalas” with thatched roofs that merge perfectly into the desert landscape. Whilst the surroundings may look slightly barren, you will see a whole host of wonderful creatures in their natural habitats, but it is the accommodation itself, that is considered to be the true star of the show. The luxury lodges feature private plunge pools, outdoor and indoor showers, stunning decor, plus, on the roof of each lodge, you will find your very own star bed, so you can literally sleep under the stars if you wish. The resort offers game walks, safaris, hot air balloon rides, and more besides. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Lion Sands Lodges, South Africa

Courtesy of Lion Sands Lodges/more.co.za

Romantic African Hideout: Lion Sands Lodges, South Africa

Strategically placed along the Sable River, Lion Sands Lodges, encompass everything there is to encompass about African living, with plenty of added luxury for added effect and romance. There are luxury treehouses, bedroom suites which are open-air and complete with en-suite bathrooms that are actually built up on stilts out in the middle of the bush itself, so you will be at eye-level with many treetops and canopies. These are perfect for gazing at the majestic wildlife on offer, although, if you only have eyes for your partner, the soft luxury Persian carpet underfoot, and the ready-waiting champagne on ice, will certainly help to set the scene. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Sand Rivers Selous, Tanzania

Romantic African Hideout: Sand Rivers Selous, Tanzania

Set within the Selous Game Reserve in a rocky peninsula, the Sand Rivers Selous lodge offers amazing views over the Rufiji River, which is already pretty darned romantic. Located on a World Heritage Site, the lodges provide open-air sleeping if you so wish, and unobstructed views of the Milky Way at night, and of the amazing sunrises and sunsets in the mornings and evenings. If you and your partner are looking to get away from it all and to find yourself nice and secluded, the Sand Rivers Selous is absolutely ideal. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

Romantic African Hideout: Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

If you and your partner enjoy game watching, this is the lodge for you. Ideally placed between two national parks, Ol Donyo Lodge offers luxury accommodation at its finest, plus, it too offers you and your partner the option of sleeping under the stars, in an amazing star bed. The decor is simple at first glance, but that is what adds to the charm, as the stone walls contrast perfectly with the orange/yellow glows of the lights as the sun begins to go down. It is not often that you will be able to fall asleep as you gaze up at the stars in a luxury 4 poster bed, as you hear lions roaring in the distance, but at Ol Donyo Lodge, that is exactly what you will get. 

Kadealo, Romantic African Hideout, Four Season Resort, Seychelles

Romantic African Hideout: Four Season Resort, Seychelles

Finally, as we wrap things up in true style, we’ll finish by taking a look at the Four Season resort, located in stunning Seychelles. The Seychelles are a firm favourite amongst honeymooning couples, and it is easy to understand why, as they are a tropical paradise in every sense of the word. The resort overlooks a stunning beach with white sand and turquoise sea waters that are virtually crystal clear. The resort features private villas built into the hillside of the jungle, with many featuring infinity pools and amazing views down below. If you really want to add some romance into your life, the Four Season resort comes very highly recommended indeed.