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African Antelope: Dik-Diks

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Dik Diks weigh from 10 to 12 pounds and are around 15 inches in height. They live up to 10 years in captivity but only 3 or 4 in the wild. Their main choice of habitat is both dense forest and open plains. They are not very picky about their habitat. Their main predators are humans, followed by numerous small carnivores. They are mainly found in the Kenya-Tanzania area of Africa and have excellent eye sight, scent and hearing. This helps them survive and they will tend to hide instead of running away from predators. They will also make a strange whistling sounds through [...]

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African Antelope: Bushbuks

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Bushbacks are found in a large swathe of Africa, from the southernmost areas of South Africa up to Ethiopia and as far west as Senegal. Weighing in at 90-180 pounds, and at a height of 30 inches, they are again another species of antelope who are on the small side. Their predators are primarily leopards and – unfortunately – humans. They generally favour deep forest habitats, and are herbivorous who can survive droughts by drinking dew that collect sin roots and on leaves of trees. They also are fond of acacia pods, flowers, fallen fruit and just plain grass. They are solitary animals, they [...]

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African Animals: Blue Duiker

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Duikers come in 21 species, they are omnivores and favour forest and bush habitats. The main predators they have to worry about are Eagles, Lions and Leopards. In captivity they generally live to about 12 years, though in the wild this could well be higher or lower. The Blue Duiker is found in Uganda, western Kenya and Tanzania. It's actually the smallest of all the antelopes, coming in at just 35 inches heigh and weighing 175 pounds. This goes to explain why Eagles have the ability to snatch the younger Blue Duiker. Duikers enjoy eating mushrooms, fruits and leaves from foliage, but they will [...]

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The Big 5 – Top safari destinations to view them

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The Big 5 – rather grimly – originally referred to the 5 hardest animals to hunt in Africa around the turn of the 20th century, when thousands of hunters came from Europe and North America to hunt them for sport. They were considered the hard to hunt animals because they were either very difficult to track, dangerous when cornered or wounded, or a mix of all of these aspects. Although hunting these animals is now rare, sadly it has continued amongst a few wealthy individuals, amidst much controversy and international outrage mainly via social media outlets. These days though, thankfully the vast majority come [...]

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