African Wild Dogs

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African Dogs: Wild Dogs

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A member of the dog family, the wild dog measures 750mm at the shoulders and the males are slightly larger than the females, weighing from 20-30kg. They have a mix of yellow, black and white coats where each individual has a a unique pattern of all these colours. They are carnivores that prey mainly on small to medium sized animals, with the Impala being their favourite prey. However, in eastern Africa they have been known to hunt large prey such as the Zebra and Wildebeest. They hunt in packs and will cooperate to tire out prey and then they will tear it apart and [...]

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African Dogs: Hyaena

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The Hyaena is probably the most synonymous dog associated with Africa. This canine has distinctive pointed ears and striped legs with a dark brown or black coat, white shoulders and a long creamy coloured mane. It stands at an impressive 800mm at the shoulder and weighs in at 40kg. The Brown Hyena is a carnivore and leads a scavenger lifestyle feeding on the carcasses of large herbivores which have been killed by other animals such as Lions. However, they will often supplement this with insects, birds eggs and from time to time other small animals. They have powerful jaws that allow for breaking bones [...]

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African Animals: Side-Striped Jakal

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The Side-Striped Jackal is larger and much more common than its Blacked-backed Jakal relative, with a grey coloured body with white stripes on each side, and a dark, white tipped tail and black ears. It has a modest body length of 650-800mm and a large tail measuring 300-400mm long, while its shoulder height ranges from around 400-500mm and has a mass ranging from 7-12kg. Perhaps surprisingly this jackal is omnivorous, and tends to eat whatever is available in each season. For example, it will eat fruit in seasons when it is abundant and will switch to small mammals such as reptiles, eggs and birds [...]

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African dogs: Bat-eared fox

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The bat-eared fox has very large distinctive ears relative to the size of its body which look just like bat ears, hence the name. It is a small creature, weighing in at just 7 to 12lbs, and its body size is between 18 to 26 inches long. It has a yellow-brown body and a raccoon-like band around its face, while its legs and tail are black. They prefer to live in short-grass plains, savannas, grasslands, and areas where termites, beetles, and other insects occur, generally in Eastern and Southern nations of Africa. This is because termites make up 80% of its diet, being an [...]

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The Big 5 – Top safari destinations to view them

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The Big 5 – rather grimly – originally referred to the 5 hardest animals to hunt in Africa around the turn of the 20th century, when thousands of hunters came from Europe and North America to hunt them for sport. They were considered the hard to hunt animals because they were either very difficult to track, dangerous when cornered or wounded, or a mix of all of these aspects. Although hunting these animals is now rare, sadly it has continued amongst a few wealthy individuals, amidst much controversy and international outrage mainly via social media outlets. These days though, thankfully the vast majority come [...]

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