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Top 10 Must Visit Dining Experiences in Cairo

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An advantage to staying in Cairo is its vast variety of options to choose from when you’re hungry. Cairo has an abundance of fast-food places where you can grab a quick bite and where you will find just about every sandwich you can think of. However, we are here for those times when you are seeking more than just a quick bite. Specifically, for when you’re in an experimenting mood or just feel like having a different dining experience. Whatever the reason, be it a birthday, special occasion or just the sake of novelty, we did a quick scan around Cairo and put together [...]

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Your Guide to Being Vegetarian in Cairo

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As more people are embracing a plant-based lifestyle around the world, it only makes sense that Cairo, home to a population of over 9 million, would jump on the vegetarian bandwagon. More and more modern day Egyptians are turning to vegetarianism, for health, moral and religious reasons. The Copts (Christians of Egypt) who make up around 4 million of the Egyptian population, fast between 180-210 days a year, where they follow a strict vegan diet (except for fish on some occasions). In the Pharaonic era, the regular consumption of meat was limited to the upper classes, and it is not so different nowadays, with [...]

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Most unique African dining experiences

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Undoubtedly some of the most unique dining experiences are to be had throughout African nations. This is a quick rundown of some of the best-rated African restaurants on hand to make your dining experiences throughout the continent even more memorable. Courtesy of The Test Kitchen/thetestkitchen.co.za African Restaurant: The Test Kitchen, Cape Town Won the 'One to Watch' award last year and ranked 28th out of the 50 Best-list. Run by British born Chef Luke Dale-Roberts this African restaurant is described as an international/fusion cuisine with attentive waiters and a menu that is “not over the top.” It also showcases [...]

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