Warthogs are widely found throughout eastern Africa in countries such as Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, parts of South Sudan, parts of Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia. Typically the predators of the Warthog include humans, lions, hyenas, crocodiles and leopards. They tend to prefer flatter areas of savannah, and can live without water for long periods of time. Their primary diet consists of earthworms, grubs, bugs and grasses. They will even get down to grass level in order to consume shorter grasses. They also eat some types of bulbs. Warthogs will typically find holes dug by other animals to make their den or burrow. They sometimes will fill the holes with grasses to keep warm as they Warthog typically does not have either fat nor fur to keep it warm against cooler nights nor to protect it from harsh sun. Warthogs can weigh up to 250 pounds, with males weighing on average 50 pounds more than females. Gestation is around 6 months in length, with litters of up to four pups being born at one time. Each pup has its own teat from which it suckles. Male Warthogs typically only seek out females for mating purposes and then go their own way. Females will likewise chase off their last little of young when she becomes pregnant again.

Courtesy of Paul Grayson/Flickr