The hedgehog has a wide reach of habitat, stretching across the main belt of vegetation from Western Africa all the way to Eastern Africa and then south to Kenya and Tanzania, Malawi and some parts of western Mozambique. They are hardy animals, living in a number of terrains and climates but prefer higher, dry ground with lots of potential to find invertebrates and insects for food. Hedgehogs are quite prominent in suburban parts of Nairobi, which appears to be the perfect habitat for them. The average size of a hedgehog is 7-9 inches in length and about 1-2 pounds in weight. The average hedgehog is host to over six thousand spines, which act as its primary mechanism for defense. Many carnivorous animals prey on the hedgehog for food, including larger species of birds. Despite the hedgehog largely eating insects, it has been known to eat smaller mammals and even some types of snakes and eggs. Gestation of hedgehogs depends on their species but it averages between 35-58 days.

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 Courtesy of shirobane/Flickr