Aardvark comes from a word literally meaning “earth-pig”. The Aardvark is found throughout the African continent primarily south of the Sahara region. It can be found in some of the more northern countries with access to the Sahara such as Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan. From these regions, the Aardvark is common throughout the rest of the central and southern regions of the continent. The main food of the Aardvark includes termites and other bugs. Their predators include humans, hyenas, leopards, lions, and some types of pythons. They prefer soil they can dig in, and are usually found around savannah type grassland where the soil can be easily dug. Their gestation period is around 7 months and give birth to one baby each year.  Aardvarks are keen diggers and can dig up to 2 feet within sixteen seconds while looking for food, with which they suck up with their tongue that can be up to twelve inches long.

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