Although Cheetahs are not included in the ‘Big 5’, it’s on the must-see list of many tourists. Weighing at a slender 110-140lbs, and at a height of 30 inches from the shoulder, this Carnivorous cat is known for its speed. Indeed, they can sprint short-distances at a speed of up to 100kph when hunting their prey, which include Impala, Springbok, Gazelles, Kob, Warthogs, Lesser Kudu, Blackbuck, hares and game birds. Cheetahs are solitary creatures although the males occasionally live in small groups of brothers from the same litter. They hunt during daytime and their non-retractable claws give them both traction when sprinting but also allows them to cling onto prey to enable an easier kill. Cheetahs today are confined to Eastern and Southern Africa and their overall numbers have diminished by 30% from their original numbers due to habitat destruction but also due in part to the fact that Cheetah cubs only have 25-50% survival rate.

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Courtesy of DIVA007/Flickr