Flamingos are spread throughout world, but the best place to see them is certainly Africa, where it is found on almost every country with a coastline barring Tunisia and Namibia which do not have adequate lakes that Flamingos inhabit and thrive in.  The distinctive orange/pink Flamingo flocks and feed in lakes or still rivers without much current where it eats fish such as shrimp with it’s odd shaped beak designed to filter fish and shrimp out of the water. However, probably the most interesting behaviourally trait is their sleeping habits: Flamingos sleep with only one leg standing down, but only 50% of the bird’s body is actually asleep, where the other half stays active. They will then switch legs and give the other half an opportunity to sleep! Thankfully, they are found in great numbers across Africa and are not endangered. They have a few predators such as wild dogs, crocodiles and eagles that will swoop down and eat the flamingos eggs or even their chicks, but their quick gestation period of 30 days makes them less likely to suffer from human habitat destruction for the time being.

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Courtesy of Timo/flickr