The Fischer’s Lovebird is one of the most colourful birds in the world which has a green back, chest and wings. The bird’s neck is a sunburst yellow to orange which blends into a deeper shade of orange and then into red. It also sometimes has a blue/purple coloured tail. The lovebird is special not only for it’s techni-coloured feathers, but for it’s habitat too, found exclusively in north-centra Tanzania only, where they inhabit grasslands, savannahs and scrub forests. They tend to prefer areas where there is a lot of agricultural activity as they have a graminivorous diet, which is a diet of wheat, cereals and corn. They also live near water resources as they are water dependent and will migrate elsewhere if water become unavailable. Unfortunately it is the lovebird’s love of grains and cereals that has lead to their demise, along with habitat destruction, as farmers see it as a pest. However this attitude is slowly changing now it is the ‘near-threatened category. Lovebird’s get their name from their extremely close bond between mating pairs and they will remain mates for life, being unusually monogamous.

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