The Okapi has a striking zebra coloured rump, but surprisingly is not related to zebra but to giraffe. Okapi generally have a height of 1 and a half metres and weigh in at 200-350kg. Like a giraffe it also has a long neck and big ears. They are generally solitary and only really come together when they want to breed. Okapis are herbivorous and they especially like fruits, tree leaves, buds, grass and even fungi. Okapis habitat is exclusively in canopy forests which range from 500-1500 metres high. They are particularly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the massive tropical forests located there. Unfortunately they are classed as an endangered species, mainly due to their habitat being destroyed by mining activities which remove large swathes of forests. However, they tend to live to a relatively old age ranging 20-30 years old, and with several conservation projects devoted to their protection there is a good hope that in a few years they will get off the endangered list.

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Courtesy of ToddLahman/flickr