Weighing from 420 to 600 pounds, and with a height of 55 inches, the Kudu is one of the larger antelopes. Their habitat is woodlands and bushlands, which accounts for the regions they are found in Kenya, Tanzania and other parts of East Africa. Their life span tends to be around 7 or 8 years in the will, but up to 23 years in captivity. They have numerous natural predators such as Leopards, spotted hyenas, hunting dogs and humans. Being herbivorous they favour leaves and shoots of numerous plants, but in dry season they eat wild watermelons and and other watery fruits that provide sustenance and see them through the dry season. Interestingly, male Kudu don’t tend to fight for dominance and instead cooperate in small bachelor groups or alternatively live solitary lives. Instead of fighting for dominance, males do a display where they stand sideways next to another male and the winner is the one who makes himself look like the largest.

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Courtesy of Paul Balfe/flickr