Gazelle are generally small types of antelopes, with most only standing 60-110cm high at the shoulder, with a fawn colour. However, for what they lack in size, they more than make it up in speed: They are known as very swift and fast animals, and some are able to run at speeds of 100km/h (60mph), which is even faster than the Cheetah’s sprinting. It can also run at a sustained speed of 50km/h over fairly long distances They tend to favour deserts, grasslands and savannah habitats, and like to live in herds and eat a diet of easily digestible plants and leaves. The genus ‘Gazella’ is considered to have around 10 species, although 4 of these are extinct. The remaining 6 species are considered threatened but to varying degrees. The main African species called Thomson’s gazelle is only considered ‘near threatened’ due to them occasionally being found in groups exceeding 550,00 and are widely recognised as the most common type of gazelle in Africa, found in the eastern areas of the continent such as Tanzania and Kenya. However, their populations nonetheless are found to be steeply declining in these countries by an estimated 60-70% due to tourist impacts, fire manage and road development through their habitats.

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