Elands are the biggest (and slowest) antelope in the world, generally weighing a whooping 1500 pounds, and have a height of 70 inches. Elands are found on grasslands, mountains, semi-arid areas and woodland areas. They do not like thick forests, swamps or deserts.They are herbivorous who enjoy to graze on leaves of trees as well as fruits, large bulbs and tuberous roots. They live from 15 to about 20 years in the wild. Humans tend to be their only predator. As for behaviours, they will only live in groups when younger, but will then part ways as they get older. The males tend to be solitary, but the females travel widely at all times of the year. They are found from a large area encompassing South Africa all the way up to the borders of Ethiopia. Tanzania and Botswana are some of the best places to see them, but they are not threatened so the chances of seeing one in the wild are very good in any of these countries.

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