Duikers come in 21 species, they are omnivores and favour forest and bush habitats. The main predators they have to worry about are Eagles, Lions and Leopards. In captivity they generally live to about 12 years, though in the wild this could well be higher or lower. The Blue Duiker is found in Uganda, western Kenya and Tanzania. It’s actually the smallest of all the antelopes, coming in at just 35 inches heigh and weighing 175 pounds. This goes to explain why Eagles have the ability to snatch the younger Blue Duiker. Duikers enjoy eating mushrooms, fruits and leaves from foliage, but they will occasionally eat ants, rodents, birds and insects. Duikers are very cooperative when in pairs, and in their behaviours will often groom each other, which makes the bond between them even stronger. However, the males are always very territorial and will fight other males for territory.

Courtesy of Derek Keats/flickr