Bushbacks are found in a large swathe of Africa, from the southernmost areas of South Africa up to Ethiopia and as far west as Senegal. Weighing in at 90-180 pounds, and at a height of 30 inches, they are again another species of antelope who are on the small side. Their predators are primarily leopards and – unfortunately – humans. They generally favour deep forest habitats, and are herbivorous who can survive droughts by drinking dew that collect sin roots and on leaves of trees. They also are fond of acacia pods, flowers, fallen fruit and just plain grass. They are solitary animals, they do not like confrontation and are not particularly territorial. The only exception to this is when a female gives birth and look after their litter for around 6 months. They are mostly active during the early morning and part of the night, but they will tend to go fully nocturnal if they are disturbed during the day, and if they are threatened by predators will often freeze still and let their colour camouflage them, or will lay flat on the ground, or they may run away barking.

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