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Kadealo, The Big 5, Cape Buffalo, Krueger National Park, South Africa

The Big 5: Cape Buffalo

Undoubtedly the easiest of the Big 5 hard to hunt animals to see, the Cape Buffalo is not endangered and is found in herds of up to an incredible 500. These hard to hunt [...]

Kadealo, The Big 5, Leopards, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

The Big 5: Leopards

Leopards are mainly nocturnal beasts who primarily hunt at night. These big 5 can make themselves particularly tricky to be seen because very few Parks and Reserves in Africa allow night-time driving safaris. The [...]

Kadealo, The Big 5, Elephants, Chobe National Park, Botswana

The Big 5: Elephants

This National Park has to be the clear pick of the bunch simply because of the fact the Park is estimated to be home to around 70,000 elephants, best viewed in the dry season. [...]

Kadealo, The Big 5, Rhino, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

The Big 5: Rhino

Fastly becoming extinct, the rhinoceros is on par with lions for people's favourites of the Big 5 hard to hunt animals. Sadly, the best places for viewing these endangered animals that could well be [...]

Kadealo, The Big 5, Lions, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

The Big 5: Lions

Arguably the Lion is the most popular out of the 'Big 5' hard to hunt animals people want to see, perhaps because it's so associated with and deeply attached to Africa in people's consciousness. [...]

Kadealo, African Dogs, Aardwolf

African Dogs: Aardwolf

Aardwolves have a yellow-brow coat which includes vertical black stripes and a dark haired stripe on the back which stands on end when it is threatened or scared. It is a moderately-sized dog with [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Bush Vipers

African Snakes: Bush Vipers

Bush Vipers, commonly known as Atheris, are found commonly throughout tropical Sub Saharan Africa, excluding southern Africa with sporadic distribution due to their preference for primarily rainforest habitats. Due to deforestation, the Bush Viper [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Gaboon Viper

African Snakes: Gaboon Viper

This form of viper is found most commonly in rainforests and savannah regions of Sub Saharan Africa. The main regions this viper can be found stretch from the coasts of Sierra Leone, along the [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Puff Adder

African Snakes: Puff Adder

The Puff Adder, also known as the African Puff Adder or common adder is a species of viper that is found extensively throughout both Saharan and Sub Saharan Africa. Its territory range reaches from [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Cape Cobra

African Snakes: Cape Cobra

The Cape Cobra tends to make its home in the southernmost tip of Africa, usually in the region of South Africa, into some parts of southern Botswana and Namibia. In South Africa its primary [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Spitting Cobra

African Snakes: Spitting Cobra

The Spitting Cobra can refer to any number of the cobra species which use its fangs to project venom, sometimes as much as three metres, towards potential enemies when it feels threatened. This venom [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Boomslang

African Snakes: Boomslang

The name Boomslang is a derivative of both Dutch and Afrikaans with “Boom” meaning tree or beam and “Slang” meaning snake. Therefore, the Boomslang is literally a tree snake, and has so far been [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Western Green Mamba

African Snakes: Western Green Mamba

The Western Green Mamba, like other mambas is a highly toxic snake found in the Western regions of Africa including Gambia, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia being [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Eastern Green Mamba

African Snakes: Eastern Green Mamba

Unlike its cousin the Black Mamba, the Green Mamba lives in trees along the eastern coastal areas of the Sub Saharan African region including in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania (including the island of Zanzibar), Mozambique, [...]

Kadealo, African Snakes, Black Mamba

African Snakes: Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is a common snake found in numerous parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, normally residing on the ground as opposed to in the trees like other species of mambas. One of the longest [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Pangolin

African Unusual Animals: Pangolin

Pangolins are an interesting African animal, native to around fifteen African nations. Similar in appearance to an Armadillo, Pangolins have a series of scales which act as a deterrent for attacks and aid in [...]

Kadealo, African Cats, Leopard

African Cats: Leopard

The beautiful majestic Leopard is the second largest of Africa's large cats. Leopards have distinctive black spots contrasted with a golden-yellow background, while they also have singular black spots on the limbs and head. [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Warthog

African Unusual Animals: Warthog

Warthogs are widely found throughout eastern Africa in countries such as Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, parts of South Sudan, parts of Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia. Typically the predators of the Warthog [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Hedgehog

African Unusual Animals: Hedgehog

The hedgehog has a wide reach of habitat, stretching across the main belt of vegetation from Western Africa all the way to Eastern Africa and then south to Kenya and Tanzania, Malawi and some [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Bush Pig

African Unusual Animals: Bush Pig

Bush pigs can be incredibly dangerous, using their tusks when threatened, especially when it has young. Known to raid through farmers crops on the hunt for food, their diet primarily consists of roots, seeds, [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Aardvark

African Unusual Animals: Aardvark

Aardvark comes from a word literally meaning “earth-pig”. The Aardvark is found throughout the African continent primarily south of the Sahara region. It can be found in some of the more northern countries with [...]

Kadealo, African Cats, Cheetah

African Cats: Cheetah

Although Cheetahs are not included in the 'Big 5', it's on the must-see list of many tourists. Weighing at a slender 110-140lbs, and at a height of 30 inches from the shoulder, this Carnivorous [...]

Kadealo, African Cats, Lion

African Cats: Lion

Lion's are undoubtedly synonymous with the continent of Africa and is usually at the top of the 'must-see' list for tourists on safari. A female Lion can be identified from a male Lion by [...]

Kadealo, African Cats, Genet

African Cats: Genet

The Genet has a shoulder height of 210mm, however it has small legs in proportion to the body. The body is elongated and is 460mm in length and has a  mass of 1.6kg. The [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Porcupine

African Unusual Animals: Porcupine

The porcupine is nature’s shield, with their dozens of long, prickly spines acting as its first line of defense. Their stretch of habitation reaches from throughout Italy, along the northern coast of Africa through [...]

Kadealo, African Cats, African Civet

African Cats: African Civet

The Civet has a short dense fur that is a greyish colour with black spots in rows across their bodies. They also have striped markings including a black coloured band over their face and [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Gazelle

African Antelope: Gazelle

Gazelle are generally small types of antelopes, with most only standing 60-110cm high at the shoulder, with a fawn colour. However, for what they lack in size, they more than make it up in [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Cape Buffalo

African Antelope: Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo are Africa's only wild cow but is in the same species as the domesticated cattle. They are very powerful animals, with a shoulder height between 1 to 1.7 metres and with [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Waterbuck

African Antelope: Waterbuck

The Waterbuck is a very large and powerful antelope, with a shoulder height of 1.4 metres and can weigh up to an impressive 260kg. The cows are smaller than the bulls, but both share [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Tsessebe

African Antelope: Tsessebe

The Tsessebe bulls are quite bulky, weighing in at 140kg and measure an impressive 1.2 metres at the shoulders, and they are only slightly larger than the cows who weigh up to 120kg. However, [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Springbok

African Antelope: Springbok

The Springbok has been an icon of Africa just how like Lions are. In fact, the South African rugby team is named “The Springboks” after this famous antelope. Springboks are the most abundant antelope [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Sable

African Antelope: Sable

The Sable Antelopes are a favourite among game and safari tourists, and this is partly because of their beautiful appearance. The Sable is a large and powerful antelope, with the male bulls having a [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Roan

African Antelope: Roan

Roan are found almost exclusively in lighted wooded savannah, favouring open areas of grass and with easy access to drinking water. Sadly the Roan are an endangered species and only has a haphazard distribution [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Reedbuck

African Antelope: Reedbuck

Reedbucks have a distinctive grey or brown pelage with white underpants and a bushy tail with a white tip. They are moderately sized weighing in at 70kg and with a shoulder height of 950mm, [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Puku

African Antelope: Puku

Pukus are found exclusively in central Africa, with only a few living in Botswana further to the south of the Africa continent. Although they have a herbivorous diet, their social system is focused on [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Oryx

African Antelopes: Oryx

Oryx are well-known due to their very long, striking horns which the males use to fight for mating rights and self-defence. They are 47 inches tall and in the region of 250 pounds to [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Oribi

African Antelope: Oribi

Oribi are one of the smaller antelopes with a height of 600mm and only weighing around the 14kg mark. The adult rams have small horns varying from 80-180mm. Oribi is very much a grazer [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Okapi

African Antelope: Okapi

The Okapi has a striking zebra coloured rump, but surprisingly is not related to zebra but to giraffe. Okapi generally have a height of 1 and a half metres and weigh in at 200-350kg. [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Kudu

African Antelope: Kudu

Weighing from 420 to 600 pounds, and with a height of 55 inches, the Kudu is one of the larger antelopes. Their habitat is woodlands and bushlands, which accounts for the regions they are [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Blue Duiker

African Antelope: Blue Duiker

Duikers come in 21 species, they are omnivores and favour forest and bush habitats. The main predators they have to worry about are Eagles, Lions and Leopards. In captivity they generally live to about [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Impala

African Animals: lmpala

If there was any one antelope that is etched into peoples minds, it is probably the Impala, being featured on numerous wildlife programmes. Weighing from 100 to 130 pounds and ranging from 28 to [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Hatrtebeest

African Antelope: Hartebeest

Hartebeests are found in medium and tall grasses, and even Savannas. But it's this pickiness about their habitat, they're found in haphazard areas across Africa, from Benin to South Africa and all the way [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Gemsbok

African Antelope: Gemsbok

Gemsbok are another big antelope, being in fact the largest in the Oryx species in the world. Gemsbok have very large horns – being around 85cm in length – which makes humans their number [...]

Kadealo, African Animals, Eland

African Antelope: Eland

Elands are the biggest (and slowest) antelope in the world, generally weighing a whooping 1500 pounds, and have a height of 70 inches. Elands are found on grasslands, mountains, semi-arid areas and woodland areas. [...]