There are now a lot of African apps available that enhance your safari experience and provide insider tips to get the most out of your trip. You can learn the best routes to take to spot wildlife, identify birds and animals using images, videos, and sound clips, and even track the wildebeest migration in real-time. Much of this information is accessible in an offline mode without needing to sign up for an expensive mobile data plan or needing access to a mobile network. There is nothing like having all the information at your fingertips without needing to carry multiple books or maps. Here is our list of the top 5 African apps to take with on your next safari.

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As you can probably gather from the title of this app, the African Safari Wildlife Guide app is one of the most popular apps for travellers heading to Africa on safari, and for a very good reason. One of the major benefits associated with this African app, is the fact that before you head out on a safari, you are able to download info and images directly onto your device and save it there. This is important because, as you can imagine, out in the African wilderness whilst on safari, there is virtually no chance of you having a Wi-Fi signal or any other mobile phone signal for that matter, but as long as your device has a charge, you can still access whatever you downloaded beforehand. Created by Oren Meiri, you will find: detailed articles and info on various African species of animals found in each location, different categories of animals for various wildlife groups, general info about safaris and Africa itself, large high-res images, and much more besides. This African app is available for iOS devices and even works in synergy with other apps.

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African App: eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa

If you’re heading to Southern Africa on safari, make sure you give this next African app a great deal of consideration. The app itself provides audio clips of each mammal, it provides high-resolution images, it provides videos, and it provides detailed information on more than 350 different species of mammals found commonly in Southern Africa. You can even search for animals via their tracks and footprints, as well as in locations where they are likely to be frequent. What’s more, to help get an idea of the overall scale of the mammals, the app also has a handy feature that lets you compare mammals side by side with one another, along with side by side with an average-sized human being. Available for iOS devices, with iOS 5.0 or higher, the app is one of the most useful safari apps for Southern Africa, that you could ever wish for. 

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African App: ParkSpotter Africa

ParkSpotter Africa is a safari app that allows users to share their findings and their sightings via social media, with other likeminded individuals. Once uploaded, the app will display the image, as well as the time, the geolocation, and the date as well. You can then place your finding into the appropriate category, and can then upload it and add it to the map of the national park that you happen to be visiting. While other apps tend to focus solely on the animals, this app places a huge emphasis on the national parks instead, so you can find out as much info about them as possible. What’s more, you can also research accommodation options in the various parks and reserves, allowing you to find yourself the perfect place to stay during your trip. You can find info on the creatures, on the flora, on the fauna, on the climate, and much more, with info being accessible offline. 

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African App: HerdTracker

HerdTracker is a web-based app which, as the name implies, is based primarily on allowing the user to track and spot herds of animals. Primarily, however, it is the wildebeests that this app focuses on, during the migration of the wildebeest, which is a world-famous event, common to Kenya and Tanzania. The app uses Google Maps to track the herds, and obviously, as they are constantly on the move, you need to know where they are if you wish to see them in the flesh. You will need a signal in order to track them, but providing you do, you get to track them in real-time, so you will be certain to see them up close and personal. What’s more, other users can add helpful advice and details, helping others get the best possible chances of seeing this rare and magical event. 

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