They say that travel broadens the mind and opens up a whole new world of possibilities and new horizons, and if you’ve ever travelled out of your usual surroundings, you will probably feel inclined to agree. Travelling however, is not necessarily the cheapest of pastimes, nor is it necessarily the easiest. Travelling requires research, it requires access to the right tools and equipment, it requires preparation, and it requires an open mind. Africa is one of the most popular destinations for travelling in the entire world, and because the continent has so much on offer, you can understand why. There is culture, amazing scenery and countryside, fantastic food, and some of the most amazing wildlife you could ever wish to see in your lifetime. If you’re thinking of visiting Africa, or if you simply wish to learn more about it, take a look at these 7 African travel blogs, which are sure to help teach you everything you will need to know.

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African Travel Blog: Guy with Camera

This African travel blog, created by Andrew Brauteseth, is a blog that truly reflects everything there is to love about travelling. Andrew’s speciality, believe it or not, lies not in writing and blogging, but rather in filming and photographing. Yes, Andrew is a professional photographer who has travelled the world and has snapped some truly breath-taking images. Andrew blogs on a number of topics, including: wildlife, nature, culture, history, and of course, on travel. The blogs are interesting, they are full of helpful information and humorous anecdotes, and of course, there are plenty of his amazing snaps to help keep readers enthralled.

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African Travel Blog: Ranger Diaries

Next up we have the Ranger Diaries blog, which is actually made up of a collection of wildlife rangers from all across Africa, particularly South Africa, who are responsible for taking tourists and sightseers on guided safaris through Africa’s lush and expansive rural surroundings. The rangers themselves are considered to be the best of the best, and have years upon years of experience when it comes to African Safaris. This African travel blog is great because, as the rangers are from different locations, you get different stories and perspectives. For example, some entries will be from rangers in South Africa, whereas others could be from Ethiopia and other, less-frequented locations. They also share images and the occasional video, so make sure you take a look before your trip to Africa.

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African Travel Blog: African Colours

African Colours is perfect for those of you with a keen eye and passion for art, particularly art from Nairobi and Kenya. Maggie Otieno, who herself is a renowned sculptor, manages and runs the blog, helping to keep viewers constantly in the loop regarding the latest African art news and events. Whether you are experienced in the African contemporary arts scene, or a complete novice, this blog will educate and entertain you. You can even get in contact with the artists, view their work, and even purchase it.

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African Travel Blog: Afropop

As you can probably guess by the name, Afropop is an African travel blog which is based strongly upon music, or to be more specific, on music coming from Africa. Afropop features information and insights into popular and established artists, new and up and coming artists, bands, awards, reviews, news, concert information, festival information, and much more besides. If you’re a fan of African-inspired music, or if you’ve simply discovered an artist or band you like the sound of, Afropop is the blog to visit to learn more about them, and to find out where you can purchase their music, or better still, see them performing live.

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African Travel Blog: BBC news on Africa

This is much more of a serious blog, yet despite this, it is still entertaining, but more importantly, it is extremely relevant. This African travel blog featuring excerpts and feeds from the Lonely Planet Guide, will provide you with information on current events in Africa, on politics, on health and environmental issues, and info on popular destinations in Africa, along with much more. Just a few examples of topics you could potentially read about are: Somali pirates, endangered species, African agriculture, and perhaps some of the best dishes to sample whilst in Africa. The blog almost literally covers every single relevant topic you could imagine, and if you are heading out to Africa anytime soon, make sure you visit this blog on a daily basis.

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African Travel Blog: TripAdvisor, Africa

We all know just how useful TripAdvisor can be for finding a place to eat late at night when you’re out of town, but did you know that the TripAdvisor website/blog, could also make your trip to Africa much more enjoyable and productive than you may have ever imagined? If you’re looking for hotels or resorts to stay at, the thousands upon thousands of reviews could prove incredibly valuable, and could help you find the best possible accommodation. You can research places to eat, foods to eat, activities and things to do, the best routes to take, places to avoid, and plenty more besides. The great thing about this page is that the reviews have been left by honest and unbiased people, so you know the posts can be trusted. You can also view photos and images, which again, could help you decide where in Africa would be best for you to stay.

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African Travel Blog: National Geographic Traveller, Africa

Finally, if you are looking for professional, informative, and painstakingly honest articles, along with amazing imagery, make sure you check out National Geographic Traveller, Africa. Numerous cultural and historic topics will be covered, as well as politics, economics, and of course, the vast and expansive wildlife and wilderness itself. If you’re looking for a professional and honest insight into Africa, including the good, and the bad, then this page is the page for you.