When considering a holiday for yourself and your family, you might not consider what fantastic adventures await you on the African continent due to preconceived notions about what Africa is and isn’t. Not everyone would expect that some of the youngest members of the family would enjoy African nations as much as the older members of the group, but families have been going to Africa on holidays for years. Having a starting base to finding out more is key in helping you decide where to go and what locations are best for what age group. Whichever country you choose for your vacation in Africa, with whichever members of your family, you will be in for a fantastically unique experience due to the vast cultural differences and activities that Africa as a whole has on offer. From wild game safaris, to cultural village tours, boating excursions or just chilling out on white-sand beaches, there is something there for every member of the family. Africa is a beautiful continent with much to explore and experience, and its richness of moments of awe are unrivalled. This is a place that members of any family would enjoy to the fullest, and remember fondly for years to come.

Kadealo, Vacation in Africa For Kids

Family Vacation : Holiday ideas for kids

If travelling with younger children, beaches are usually a safe bet. Islands like Mauritius can play host to a variety of activities that are sure to engage youngsters for hours. Of course beaches have always been a family favourite, so Mauritius itself is certainly no exception. With a wide variety of restaurants and resorts to choose from, Mauritius has something for everyone of any age including special menus and activities designed specifically for a younger crowd, hosted by professional resort staff while you do your favourite activities – hassle free. 

Kadealo, Vacation in Africa, For Teenagers

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Family Vacation : Holiday ideas for teenagers

Travelling with teenagers allows a wider choice of African destinations – one such location being Namibia, often a hot spot for South African families with older children. With wild game drives, interactive conservation activities and outdoor activities such as hiking the world’s largest sand dunes only to slide back down, there is something fun for all teenagers. Even self-drive safaris allow you the true sense of having all of Africa to yourself and your family, something most teens would only dream of!

Kadealo, Vacation in Africa, For Young Adults

Family Vacation : Holiday ideas for young adults

Adult children may get more out of a bit of a wilder experience, such as jetting off to a fantastic family-focused safari and camping excursion in the Tanzanian wilderness. The big-5 safari game drives are always a hit with a variety of travellers from different backgrounds and age groups, and Tanzania is no exception. With both well-known and quieter safari options, you can choose a safari that fits your families needs with ease. The Ngorongoro crater, often thought to be one of the cradles of humanity, is sure to please, with its own wildlife viewing options available. Heading to the coast of Tanzania and the wildly cultural island of Zanzibar with its fantastic snorkelling, white sand beaches and gorgeous sea breezes will help cool the heat of both the day and of the excitement. 

Kadealo, Vacation in Africa, For Grandparents

Family Vacation : Holidays ideas for Grandparents

If travelling with grandparents, or even parents if you’re an adult and arranging a multi-generational family holiday, Botswana is a mix of fantastic safari opportunities for many ages, and its close proximity to international air travelling via Johannesburg in South Africa makes it an ideal location for a family vacation in Africa. Home to the densest elephant populations in Africa, Botswana is a thrill for the adventure seeker – from big game safari drives to canoeing through the Okavango Delta, there is something for everyone in the wilds of Botswana.

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Family Vacation : Holiday ideas for the whole family

One activity that is commonplace throughout the continent is the visiting of working African tribal villages. This activity is a truly unique experience that is unrivalled in most other countries in the world. Visiting villages of the Maasai for example in the lowlands of Tanzania can be a culturally rich experience for not just you and your family, but also for the Maasai! Exchanges of information via an interpreter – often your safari guide – can prove to be a highlight of the trip for all ages, and often you can purchase real tribal handicrafts, directly from the person who made them. There are several countries, such as South Africa or Mauritius which have a treasure trove of adventurous activities and cultural enjoyments. It is all about knowing what you want out of your vacation in Africa and checking out the best options available for you and your families needs. 

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Family Vacation : Travel agencies for family holidays in Africa

There are a number of African travel agencies specialising in family vacations in Africa that can help you plan the most idyllic, adventure-filled trip that will be talked about for years to come. These agencies focus specifically on your individual needs and work in conjunction with resorts and touring companies in Africa that have vast experience working with families with children, and therefore know what children want and don’t want, which goes a long way to helping ensure everyone gets the most out of their holiday. These agencies know that having a resort or tour operator that engages children is just as important as one who will do their best to ensure you have a fantastic experience as well. There is an ever-growing fascination with the African continent, and so these agencies that also cater to children are only growing in number. 

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