Africa is, without question, one of the most beautiful and most stunning destinations in the entire world, and, when you consider the fact that Africa itself is so diverse, there is literally something for everybody. In the past, Africa was underrated and underappreciated, but lately, it seems as if people are finally realising just how beautiful this continent really is. The great and sometimes daunting thing about Africa however, is that it is as vast as it is beautiful, so knowing where to go on the continent can be tricky. If you’re thinking of travelling and have your sights set firmly on Africa, you’ll obviously need to know which places to avoid, which places to visit, and the best routes and locations to get you to where you want to be. The great news for travellers however, is that there are currently a wide range of different guide books for Africa, with each one offering its own unique insights into the continent. The African guide books are ideal as they cover so much of the continent, that no stone will be left unturned. From the grasslands of the savannas, to the desert and barren landscapes of the Sahara, all avenues will be explored so to help make your next trip to Africa that little bit more memorable, here’s a look at some of the best African guide books for all of the continent.

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African Guide Book: Africa

Yes, the title of the book is simply ‘Africa’ but don’t let the title fool you, this book is far from basic and is packed full of useful information and advice. Penned by Mary Fitzpatrick, ‘Africa’ is perfect for travellers who have never visited Africa before and who may be struggling for ideas of where to go. Remember, Africa is incredibly vast, as the continent is home to more than 50 countries, so navigating your way around if you’ve never visited before can be a potential nightmare. This book however, is ideal as it will provide extremely useful advice on how to plan trips, it will tell you the best locations to visit, and it will also include information on which parts to avoid. There is even a section covering various pros and cons of the continent, i.e. the culture, health risks, risk of violence, the food, and so on. This African guide book is open and honest and talks about the good, the not so good, and the amazing, parts of Africa. Whether you need to know your visa requirements, whether you need help planning an itinerary, or whether you simply want a more in-depth look at Africa, this book is perfect.

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African Guide Book: Sahara overland – A route planning guide

Up next, we have Sahara overland: a route planning guide. This book is absolutely perfect for people wishing to visit North Africa and explore the vast, barren, and dusty deserts of the Sahara. This African guide book contains GPS references, it covers tips on driving in the desert, it covers tips on preparing your vehicles for desert driving, and it talks about preparing yourself for desert exploration. For the ultimate route planning guide to navigating the Sahara, this book by Chris Scott is simply a must.

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African Guide Book: Africa overland – 4×4 motorbike, bicycle, truck

Africa has a number of different terrains, making it tough to navigate, but a whole heap of fun in the process. This collaboration from Bob Gibbons and Sian Pritchard-Jones pulls no punches in its honesty, and talks in-depth and frankly, about various political and security issues that may arise in each of Africa’s countries. For expert advice on route planning, and helpful tips like visa requirements, border crossings, tips and suggestions for vehicle purchase/hire, this book is ideal. This African guide book is much better suited for the more seasoned travellers amongst you, so if you are new to travelling, and new to Africa, you may wish to expand your knowledge of the region before you take things any further.

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African Guide Book: Lonely Planet – West Africa

Penned by Alex Newton, Lonely planet: West Africa provides everything you would expect a Lonely Planet guide book to cover, which is virtually everything you could think of! If you’re thinking of exploring the vast and majestic locations of West Africa, make sure you pick this book up, as it certainly will not disappoint.

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African Guide Book: Lonely Planet – Morocco

Not surprisingly, we have another lonely planet book on offer today, this one on Morocco. This country is perhaps one of the more tourist-orientated parts of Africa, though there is still plenty to explore. Like all lonely planet books, this African guide book really comes into its own as it provides the reader with detailed instructions on planning the perfect trip to morocco. Covered within, you will be provided with instructions and suggestions on where you should go, how you should prepare, the best routes to take, where to stay, the best places to eat, the best foods to eat, and much more besides. If you’re looking for a book detailing Morocco’s expansive history and culture, you may wish to look elsewhere, but if you want a book designed to help you plan the best trip to Morocco, stop searching, because this book by Bradley Mayhew, ticks all of the aforementioned boxes.

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African Guide Book: The Rough Guide to First Time Africa

This book is penned by Jens Finke, and, as the name implies is perfect for anybody who has never been fortunate enough to visit Africa before. It contains plenty of useful, straight-to-the-point information and advice, helping to make trip planning and preparation extremely simple. The African guide book contains details of popular attractions, handy hints and tips, plus a profile of all countries of Africa.

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African Guide Book: The Rough Guide to South Africa

If you’re thinking of staying in South Africa, and if you happen to be considering hiring a car, this book is absolutely ideal. It contains info from various authors, and, as it has proved so popular, it is now in its 9th edition and has been revised and updated. Whether you wish to discover the vineyards and winelands of the Western Cape, or if you’d prefer to explore the Drakensberg mountains, this African guide book has plenty of information.

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African Guide Book: East and Southern Africa – The Backpacker’s Manual

Penned by Philip Briggs, this book, although being slightly dated, is absolutely ideal for anybody thinking of visiting Eastern and Southern Africa. This African guide book profiles some of the primary locations most often frequented by travellers and tourists alike. With countries including Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, and much more. Whether you’re a first-time traveller, or if you’re on a budget and looking to get the most out of your holiday, The Backpacker’s Manual is ideal.

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African Guide Book: The rough guide to Egypt

Egypt is one of the most popular African countries in the world, and sees countless tourists and holidaymakers flock there in droves every single week. Because of this, Dan Richardson’s rough guide to Egypt is extremely useful as it is informative, it is useful, it is detailed, and it is interesting as well. Richardson clearly knows and understands Egypt, and it shows in his writing. If you’re looking to visit Egypt, this African guide book is a must.