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  • Kadealo, Travelling to Africa

    Travelling to Africa? Here are some tips for a worry free trip

    When considering travelling to Africa, many people seem to immediately think about crime, danger from armed militants, terrorism, and all the 'scary' things so often exaggerated by government travel advisories and western media outlets. And sadly, this climate of fear puts many people off entirely. Although some of the travel advisories and ongoing conflicts should be taken very seriously, travelling to Africa - “the forgotten continent” - is not how most people imagine it at all. It should be argued that the general public's perception of Africa has been warped by media reports of famines, conflicts, and mass corruption over the last few decades. The reality is that with some simple common sense, preparation and adherence to the tips [...]

  • Kadealo, Surfing Spots in Africa

    Best surfing spots in Africa to check out

    When many people think of the best surf destinations in the world, they likely think of locations such as Hawaii, California, Indonesia, Australia, and so on. It would suffice to say that very few would consider any surfing spots in African nations (aside from perhaps, South Africa, which is a firm favourite of surfers around the world). This is a shame, as Africa - being the second-largest continent in the world – has some of the best surf spots in the world, some only known to a few enthusiastic and professional surfers. Africa has an amazing variety of surfing locations no matter the level of your experience. From the package deals that offer combined Surfing/Yoga retreats in the likes [...]

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Kadealo, Wildest African Campsite

The wildest African campsites

Africa undoubtedly conjures up images of wilderness and adventure – and what better way to really get into the thick of it than by enjoying your African experience hands-on through camping. African campsite locations [...]

Kadealo, Extreme Sports in Africa

Extreme Sports Activities in Africa

Without a doubt, Africa has some of the best wildlife safaris in the world, and along with popular beach destinations such as Morocco in the north and islands like the Seychelles and Mauritius in [...]