African jewelry designers use their passion to create absolutely amazing masterpieces as they focus on their craftsmanship and their eye for explicit design and details. Many of these jewelers’ designs are so unique that they are being recognized nationally for not only their designs but the brilliance in their creations. Most other designers would not dream of combining certain elements together in order to create a specific piece of jewelry. Many African jewelry designers want to continue to explore their craft and make even more unique and different pieces of jewelry that focus on the history and culture of Africa and the people.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Abimbola Balogun, Nigeria

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African Jewelry Designer: Abimbola Balogun

Abimbola Balogun studied Entrepreneurial Management at the Pan Atlantic University thanks to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women initiative award. Her company designs beaded jewelry using gemstones, sterling silver and non-tarnishing wires. Abimbola Balogun knew that she had established herself as a top jewelry designer when she became the first vice president of the Beaded Jewelry Designers Association of Nigeria. She has numerous clients including the wives of governors, kings and many women in politics.

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Jenna Clifford, South Africa

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African Jewelry Designer: Jenna Clifford

When it comes to world known jewelry designers, people have not needed to look any further than Jenna Clifford since 2002. She customizes many unique pieces for her customers with the help of craftsmen and artisans in South Africa. All of her designs are handcrafted with attention to the smallest details. Everyone who follows tennis will see her jewelry on both Venus and Serena Williams.

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Tigist and Haimanot

African Jewelry Designer: Tigist and Haimanot

Tigist and Haimanot founded the company T & H Designs after attending a jewelry design training class by The Gemini Trust. They came up with the concept to recycle materials and make paper beads to use in their handmade jewelry. They currently make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some of the other beads that they use are from Ethiopia, Ghana, India and Mexico.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Katherine-Mary Pichulik

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African Jewelry Designer: Katherine-Mary Pichulik

Katherine-Mary Pichulik decided that her niche in jewelry design would be transforming everyday materials into a unique and precious piece of jewelry. This African jewelry designer is currently training local women to assist her in making her jewelry. The concept of her company is “brave women making bold jewelry for other brave women”. Almost 97% of the items that she uses in her jewelry come from Africa, while the other 3% has to be imported in. She has received many awards including the Emerging Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year award.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Laura Nyahuye, Zimbabwe

African Jewelry Designer: Laura Nyahuye

The best African jewelry designer who challenges the design of jewelry constantly is Laura Nyahuye. She founded AdornU where she designs and creates Body Adornments. The name AdornU actually translates to “it’s all inside you”. She calls all of her jewelry Body Adornments because to her each piece has its own size, uniqueness and individuality. She tries to design pieces that have both drama and flair and wants the person who wears them to make a bold statement. All of the Body Adornments are made from medical plastic tubing, metal, wire and other materials that Laura recycles. Even when she tries to make more than one of a certain Body Adornment, they never look the same.   

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Karin Rae Matthee, South Africa

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African Jewelry Designer: Karin Rae Matthee

Simple jewelry can be absolutely exquisite, especially if it has been designed by Karin Rae Matthee. She began her jewelry company in 2010 by making jewelry using simple, natural lines.  Many of her pieces are made from copper, gold, silver and brass. On occasion will she relent and use a gemstone or two as long as it keeps the jewelry simple and elegant.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Kirsten Goss

African Jewelry Designer: Kirsten Goss

Attention to details and beauty is what makes Kirsten Goss’ jewelry stand apart from other jewelers. She has spent years honing her craft using metalsmithing techniques and cutting gemstones. All of her jewelry is handcrafted for sophisticated and confident women. Kirsten Goss was also asked to design some jewelry pieces for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Ida Elsje

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Ida Elsje has collaborated with many other people to create masterpieces of all kinds. Her main specialty may be handcrafted platinum and diamond engagement rings, but that does not stop her from trying to increase her tremendous talents. Many of her headpieces have been seen on catwalks during New York, London and Africa Fashion Weeks.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Joanna Bristow

African Jewelry Designer: Joanna Bristow

Silversmithing techniques are commonly used by jeweler Joanna Bristow. All of her creations combine gold plates, hallmarked silver, African beads, Middle Eastern beads, Murano glass and semi-precious stones. Joanna Bristow’s jewelry can also be found in many Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  

Kadealo, African Jewelry Designers, Teta Isibo

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Teta Isibo blends contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship in order to create innovative pieces. All of her jewelry is handmade and uses local and organic materials. Many of these products are produced by women as well. By purchasing the products from these women, Teta Isibo is helping them expand their business and their wealth. Teta has successfully managed to sell her jewelry to many different types of clients, whether they are tourists, young professionals, or wealthy members of the community.  

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