African fashion is hot right now and making waves globally. Key designers such as Gucci are showcasing African styles on the catwalk. Success on the world stage has spawned a wave of local fashion designers whose works can be seen on catwalks across the continent. Here are some of the most influential trendspotters and African fashion blogs keeping track of the best of African fashion and providing commentary on the latest styles and trends.

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Heritage 1960


This African fashion blog combines style ideas, current fashion trends, and shopping information all in one what makes Heritage1960 one of the best African fashion blogs available. People can retrieve all of the information that they need from one place. Heritage1960 does not mind sharing their opinions of products even if they know that others will not agree with them. Everyone who is on the site loves sharing ideas with other readers, and people are always offering suggestions to others so that they can all look and feel stylish.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Bella Naija

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Bella Naija

Beginning in 2006, Uche Eze, started blogging about fashion, entertainment, and African lifestyles and her blog Bella Naija took off.  It has since grown in popularity and is one of the largest blogs. This African fashion blog features everything from fashion, beauty and living to music, movies and current events. Eze is well versed in many areas in life, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her readers.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, The Curvy And Curly Closet

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The Curvy And Curly Closet

The Curvy And Curly Closet is a blog that Gaëlle Prudencio started in order to promote a person’s body in a positive way, especially when it came to fashion.  This African fashion blogger wants everyone to know that they need to accept their bodies and dress in clothing that accentuates their beauty. She specializes in fashion for plus size women and has participated in many Fashion Weeks.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Nothing But The Wax

Nothing But The Wax

Fashion influence can occur in many forms, but none are more influential than fashion blogs.  Many famous brands actually enlist the help of bloggers to talk about their clothing lines, so that they can make more sales and become more well known. On the African fashion blog, Nothing But The Wax, the blogger routinely makes a note of the fact that African fashion has risen in popularity, and it is becoming more mainstream in other countries as well.

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, African Prints In Fashion

The blogger at African Prints In Fashion is Ms. K, and she has worn African prints since she was a little girl.  This practically makes the African fashion blogger an expert on the subject, which is why this is such a fabulous blog.  She continues to be amazed whenever she sees African prints at American stores or on the runways at a fashion show. She began this blog as a way to explore African fashion as well as showcase the designers, trends, stories, and multiple opinions of others. She has interviewed many people, and she features them on her African fashion blog.  This allows others to hear their stories.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Beauty By JJ

Beauty By JJ

Fashion blogs are not all the same anymore, especially since Vlogging began.  Vlogging is basically videos of a blogger’s thoughts that they make instead of typing everything into a blog post. The videos make these sites more personal.  Beauty By JJ is an African fashion blog/ vlog by Jennie Jenkins that features all of the African fashion that she loves from make-up to beauty to fashion. Her vlogs include tutorials so that people can easily understand what she is doing and repeat it.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Africa Fashion Guide

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One fashion niche is promoting ethical and eco-friendly methods of fashion production, which is exactly what the blogger at Africa Fashion Guide is doing. This blog is where everyone can go to see all of the African designers, craftspeople, manufacturers, textile designers, and much more. This African fashion blog strives to supply all of the news that they can when it comes to fashion and the textile business in Africa.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Pagnific

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This African fashion blogger at Pagnific helps readers find all of the important news and trends every day.  Every reader will learn about African fashion designers and how to find the latest trends in the African fashion world.  The blogger also helps find new products and brands and shares tips on the best brands available.  There are so many details that can be found in this African fashion blog, and they are always trying to make improvements to make it even better.  

Kadealo, African Fashion Blog, Black Beauty Bag

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Black Beauty Bag

Fatou N’Diaye is infamous in her own way, and it shows on her blog, Black Beauty Bag. This African fashion blogger has collaborated with many larger brands, but she still takes the time to look at and review many smaller brands, including African urban online shops like Moonlook and Inyu. She enjoys knowing the fact that all women need to celebrate themselves from head to toe as they decide on what they should wear and what designers they love the most. On her African fashion blog, she shares multiple tips and beauty advice and reviews what brands are trending at the moment in the world of fashion.  She is not afraid to state her opinion and share what her vision of a beautiful woman is.  

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