Made in Africa, is definitely the next biggest fashion trend. African designers are lighting up runways all over the world with bold, colourful, fabulous flowing pieces with beautiful craftsmanship and elegant design that draws on the continent’s rich history and culture. The fashion conscious African diaspora are also playing a key role in this renaissance by embracing all things Africa and inspiring the wardrobes of those back at home. Check out these African designers that are disrupting the Fashion world. 

Kadealo, African Designers, Adriaan Kuiters

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African Designer: Adriaan Kuiters

Menswear does not need to consist of boring pants and shirts any longer. African designer Adriaan Kuiters has begun to dominate the menswear niche by reforming fashion for the men of Africa. He focuses many of his designs on formal and semi formal wear, so that men can look their absolute best at any time. 

Kadealo, African Designers, Laurenceairline, Ivory Coast

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African Designer: Laurenceairline

There is no airline or airplane being promoted with the Laurenceairline fashion brand, instead this brand focuses on Africa’s love of clothing. All of the clothes have been designed using timeless pieces with the addition of African culture and history. Many African cultures have been blended together as this line has been created using sustainable manufacturers at the workshop on the Ivory Coast. This entire clothing line of this African designer fills the void throughout the world and will continue to be prominent in the fashion world for many more years. 

Kadealo, African Designers, Deola Sagoe

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African Designer: Deola Sagoe

Haute Couture has ventured into African fashion with the help of Deola Sagoe and her fashion brand. All of the clothing of this African designer can be worn whether a person is on the runway or off. Each piece of clothing is considered the best in the international world and her love for her country shines through in everything that she creates. People have found that her ivory boned corset with a winged skirt provides ultimate comfort along with style. A lot of her clothes have specific motifs as their designs and while these motifs are elegant, they are also simply done.  

Kadealo, African Designers, Kreyann

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African Designer: Kreyann

Every detail is considered as the African designer Anna Ngann Yonn creates fashions with multiple shapes, colors and fabrics. She continuously challenges the current fashion trends in order to create something more unique that is both classical and futuristic. Since her brand is so enticing, there are no age limits for who she designs clothing for. One article of clothing will look just as fabulous on a 75 year old as it would on a 20 year old. Not many designers can accomplish this feat and Yonn has perfected this over the years with her originality and refined skills.  

Kadealo, African Designers, Lion Cloth And Ashes

African Designer: Lion Cloth And Ashes

The first woman to win the Elle New Talent Show was Malembo Mpungwe and she has not stopped creating, designing and loving life since. Before beginning Lion Cloth And Ashes, Mpungwe worked in fashion houses, magazines and apparel factories, which is where the African designer learned quite a bit about fashion and design. Her designs have been seen on runways in many cities and she has been recognized by the First Lady of the United States. Her sense of style has been recognized in many ways as she has won award after award for all of her stunning creations. This African designer brings African culture to life as she designs fashionable clothing for the women of Africa.

Kadealo, African Designers, Ohema Ohene

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African Designer: Ohema Ohene

Pushing the boundaries of African fashion is the goal of designer Abenaaa Pokuaa of Ohema Ohene. Ohema Ohene means King and Queen in Ghanaian and Pokuaa wanted to create fashionable clothing for both men and women. This African designer has worked tirelessly during her career to learn more about not only fashion and design, but also the technical and commercial sides of the industry. All of this hard work has continued to pay off as she creates beautiful African fashion works of art. Pokuaa strives to blend multiple African influences, colors and prints together with her designs, which makes all of her work different and unique. 

Kadealo, African Designers, Orange Culture, Nigeria

Adebayo Oke-Lawal is young, almost too young to have the success that he has already seen.  He created the Orange Culture label in 2011 while also working with many different African designers, actors, pop stars and magazines as he honed his craft and skills. The Orange Culture is much more than a clothing line and should be considered part of a clothing movement that caters to men who love exploring and expressing themselves and the world. Oke-Lawal uses Nigerian inspired fabrics full of colors and prints to create his urban street wear attire.  

Kadealo, African Designers, Eskado Bird

African Designer: Eskado Bird

Successfully creating fashions for both men and women is difficult, but Eskado Bird has managed to accomplish this feat with ease. Eskado Bird is the most popular African Clothing Brand available because of this success. They use color and bold prints to make clothing that looks and feels wonderful. This African designer has received so many acclaims over the past few years, that it is no wonder that they are recognized internationally. 


Kadealo, African Designers, LDA

The women’s wear in the LDA fashion line is both elegant and fashionable. LDA has not been an instant success in the fashion world, but that is okay with the company. They have always taken the approach of working slowly towards a goal, because that was the sure way to be successful and outlast almost every other brand. The unique styles of the creations allow women to choose exactly what clothing they want to wear and when. There are clothes for day and evening and even though they are very stylish, they are super comfortable.  

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