With summer just around the corner and spring well and truly underway, one thing that many men and women will be looking to freshen up is inevitably their wardrobes. Spring and summer wardrobes always lend themselves to being more brightly coloured and fun, and adding a hint of African style and patterning can be just what the stylist ordered. With so many fun, exciting trends in African fashion these days as well, it’s easy to see why so many people continue to look to the continent for some fantastic, bold and bright additions to any wardrobe for any reason. Here are some trends to look out for this spring and summer season to start adding some colour and fun to your wardrobe.

Kadealo, African Fashion, High Slits

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African Fashion: High Slits

A high slit in a dress or skirt is always welcome in the summer. Not only is it stylish if done right, but it can help keep you cool and comfortable. Consider getting a longer skirt with a slit up one or both sides for a classy way to show some skin this year. High slits can be especially beneficial in adding some class and style to flowing materials like chiffon.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Capes and Shawls

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African Fashion: Capes and Shawls

To add a bit of flavour to those cooler evenings, capes and shawls continue to be a great option for statement pieces. When paired with black outfits and dresses, capes and shawls in bright, bold patterns can really catch the eye and brighten up the look. Try a brightly coloured, bold patterned African print shawl or cape to really highlight your style.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Twist and Wrap Dresses

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African Fashion: Twist and Wrap Dresses

These dresses are a hot addition to any summer wardrobe and the twist/wrap feature means you can shape and style them to suit a variety of events and functions. These are a nod to the traditional African Iro and Buba dresses which are worn for special occasions. Now you can wear your own with the twist and wrap dresses that add a splash of elegance to any summer festivity. Nubian Hueman is home to a couple of perfect wrap dresses that will help you find a great pick for your wardrobe this year, like this one.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Chunky Jewellery, Short Necklaces

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African Fashion: Chunky Jewellery, Short Necklaces

Short necklaces made with chunky, colourful or patterned beads are always a spring and summer favourite – the style alone gives an air of warm days and relaxing in backyards surrounded by friends and great food. Bracelets and earrings to match are a great way to tie everything into one piece, especially on an all white or all black ensemble. Plunging necklines with the short necklace give a bold, brave statement, so try it out for one of those weddings you’re going to this summer! Check out perfect accented pieces like this bracelet from Sapelle for a great way to add some African style to your wardrobe.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Bare A Shoulder

African Fashion: Bare A Shoulder

Dresses and shirts that have one shoulder on show are a big spring and summer go to this year. Additionally shirts and dresses that come off the shoulders are equally as popular, so get in on the action with one of these great styles. Some styles have a bit of a ruffle across the shoulder strap, which can be highlighted (especially on a black dress or shirt) with a great, bold African print, like in this dress, also from Zuvaa.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Protection from the Spring Showers

African Fashion: Protection from the Spring Showers

Another trend that seems to be picking up steam is that of the patterned, colourful rain or trench coat. Rain and trench coats are hugely popular in places with more showery or cooler springs, such as in parts of the Americas, Europe and coastal Canada. A trench or rain coat in bright, bold patterns like African patterns and colours helps bring a spot of spring to those dreary days. Jackets like this fetching one from Zuvaa are hot picks for spring.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Stand Out Shoulder Bags

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African Fashion: Stand Out Shoulder Bags

Not just shoulder bags, but clutches, wallets and more. A number of African designers are cashing in on the accessory trend and making impact pieces in the form of handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, purses, earrings, scarves, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Belts are another accessory that is a huge hit, perfectly complimenting dark A-line skirts and dresses with a bold burst of colour. Tote bags like this black one with coloured accents is the perfect piece to accentuate any outfit without too much boldness.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Colour Block

African Fashion: Colour Block

Another big trend is the addition of colour blocking – as in pants, dresses, vests, suits and more in one or two bold and bright colours with or without patterns peeking out from within the article of clothing. When mixed with similar colours it can really bring spring and summer to life with bright, clean colours. This works particularly well on men’s suits.

Kadealo, African Fashion, Wraparound Sandals

African Fashion: Wraparound Sandals

Wraparound sandals and shoes are becoming a huge hot topic for spring and summer – especially sandals with bright patterned colour which you can wrap around the ankle in various ways. These are a great way to finish off any look with dresses, shorts or skirts for women. Another style that is becoming popular again is gladiator style sandals, with bright coloured straps and latches. These ones from MyAsho.com are the absolute epitome of great sandals for any occasion.

Courtesy of sapelle.com