Africa is inspiring some of the latest trends in interior design. The style is simple, comfortable, yet dramatic, and can be achieved by mixing vivid colours with earth tones and adding exotic pieces for a sophisticated yet welcoming look. The style of African interior design is enriched by its diversity and vibrant mix of cultures and at its core is inspired by nature. Here are some design ideas to transform your home literally to paradise.


Kadealo, African Interior Design, Statues, Paintings, Unique Items

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African Interior Design: Statues, Paintings, Unique Items

Having a focal point in a room is easy with statues of animals, warriors, or tribal leaders. These statues can be placed on the floor, shelves, or a tabletop and then surrounded with other items. Wall paintings and photographs can be used as additional dramatic pieces and they look wonderful over a mantel or another shelf. Tribal weapons and masks are other items that share the history and culture of Africa and they make great conversational pieces too. For pops of color, candles can be added as well as trays filled with different colored wooden and copper beads.  While someone may be tempted to have many of these items in one space, it is usually best to keep it simple and only display a few. Otherwise, the room will be too crowded and people may miss the most unique items that are on display. 


Kadealo, African Interior Design, Make The Space Warmer

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African Interior Design: Make The Space Warmer

Fabric can be used in interior design to dress up the space and make it feel warmer and more inviting. The materials that are used can be made from many different textiles, in order to add depth and texture. Animal patterns and other bold patterns draw an individual’s eye to the area as well. In African interior design, bold colors and patterns are mostly used on pillows, blankets, and tablecloths. Natural materials are fabulous to use for the flooring and accents around the room, like baskets and lampshades.  

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Elegance and Sophistication

African Interior Design: Elegance and Sophistication

Many African interior designs can be accomplished for less money, but a lot of times people want to use expensive materials that cost more. However, by using these items, people are creating a unique and beautiful space that other people will not have. Some of the more popular expensive materials that people use are python, crocodile, zebra, giraffe skin, rosewood, palm, and wenge wood. The final result is one of elegance, beauty, and sophistication.  

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Minimalism

Modern African interior design can be done in a more minimalistic way that mixes both modern and organic materials.  The interior of these spaces is bright and uncluttered.  The main focal point of a room that is designed this way is an item or two that either has bright colors, a vivid pattern, or an unusual texture. By focusing on these items, no one has to wonder if the space is filling up with too many items. Plus, more natural materials can be used to enhance the natural beauty of the space. 

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Staying True to The Culture

African Interior Design: Staying True to The Culture

The modern style of African interior design used to be found in the best hotels in the region, but now those are mostly residential properties. People have decided to be true to the culture and history of Africa and incorporate vivid pattern prints, tribal symbols and natural materials in their new space. People are beginning to bring the outdoors inside as they are creating rooms filled with light. Rustic charm can be added to any space by using neutral colors on the walls and then splash of colors for the accent pieces. The end result is more than a beautiful space; it is a sanctuary that can be enjoyed for many years. 

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Playing With Textures

African Interior Design: Playing With Textures

This bedroom has been completed using many different African interior design techniques.  The faux fur rug on the floor adds texture to the natural wood flooring. The bed becomes a main focal point with the different textures of the materials used for the bedding. The pop of color on the accent wall and the curtains are extremely eye-catching and the wall hanging is quite unique.  This room has all of the elements of African interior design without being too overwhelming. 


Kadealo, African Interior Design, Nature Elements

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African Interior Design: Nature Elements

The silhouette of African people and landscape make this a main focal point of this space. The silhouette is done tastefully and does not overwhelm guests with too many details. It is a very simple design that shares the African culture. The natural woods, the statues of animals, and the lighting only enhance and add beauty to the space.  

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Applying Outside To The Inside

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African Interior Design: Applying Outside To The Inside

Bringing the outdoors inside is not a new trend with African interior design. Adding outdoor elements, such as plants, stones, and bamboo give the space a light and natural feel. Woven baskets add texture to the space without making it too busy.  Keeping all of the colors neutral allows people to add vivid prints and other pops of color to enhance the space. 

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Simple, Clean and Comfortable

African Interior Design: Simple, Clean and Comfortable

Simple and clean lines are used in many African interior designs. Comfort is a necessity when designing spaces and this can be achieved with leather couches and plump cushions. Textured linens and drapes can be used to add African flair to a home, without spending too much money. Adding natural woven baskets and pieces of African art can significantly improve the look of any space. Choosing the correct pieces to display will help improve the style of the room while focusing on the main focal point. The best way to display multiple items is by using a bookcase or feature wall. These have plenty of space on them, so nothing will look overcrowded.

Kadealo, African Interior Design, Children’s Room

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African Interior Design: Children’s Room

A child’s room does not need to include baby décor anymore. There are plenty of interesting African art pieces available for parents to choose from which add natural elements and a touch of style and flair. Children love animals and what better way to display these animals than with large animal prints or wall hangings. An entire wall can be filled with numerous animal prints that focus on the animals found within Africa. Using natural woods and neutral tones will help keep the space calm and soothing for the child. Draping a blanket over a chair and adding throw pillows is a nice way to make it feel cozier and add color.