Africa is a vast continent sprawling from Egypt to South Africa. Although each country has its own unique style, interior designs will often incorporate Earth tones combined with vibrant splashes of colour. African interior designers often draw their inspiration from nature, by using a mix of motifs and textures that project calmness and bring out a feeling of nature. African décor such as sculptures, tribal art, masks, or animal rugs add an element of exotic sophistication. Creating the perfect balance and harmony requires an understanding of African lifestyle, culture and an innate ability to draw the warmth out of a home. Here are some of the continents best interior designers that have perfected the art of turning living rooms into the perfect oasis of comfort and colour. 

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Jocelyn Jones

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African Interior Designer: Jocelyn Jones

Purity and clean lines can be found in many of Jocelyn Jones interior designs. She has become a highly respected and recognized interior designer who has finished residential, commercial, corporate, and medical interiors nationwide. The main focus of this African interior designer is always the client and their individual style, personality, and necessary requirements. She has always taken a very holistic approach with all of her clients and prefers to be involved from the initial planning all the way to the end of the construction.

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Andrea Graff

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African Interior Designer: Andrea Graff

Sophisticated and sensual approaches are what have worked wonders for Andrea Graff for interior designs. She continuously layers different styles, materials, and colors in order to create one of a kind living space. She plans every detail in her designs and enjoys mixing antique furniture with more contemporary pieces. The more luxurious the material the better and texture is very important to her. This African interior designer uses colors as well as the textures of objects and materials to create inviting spaces that can easily be lived in and enjoyed. Many of her latest interior design projects have included family homes, hotels, lounges, restaurants, and executive offices. 

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Steven Graham

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African Interior Designer: Steven Graham

Traveling the world to learn about different trends, styles, and varieties of décor is how Steven Graham has built his successful interior design business. Steven Graham has discovered that the success of his business is from the personalized service that he offers to all of his customers. He is much more than an interior designer because he takes the time to listen to his customers to see what their life is like. This African interior designer wants to imagine them utilizing their space and this helps him create the space of his customer’s dreams without breaking their budget.  

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Sharon Nicolaci

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African Interior Designer: Sharon Nicolaci

Sharon Nicolaci was very young when she began training for interior design and was still considered young when she opened her own business. She opened her interior design business at the age of 26 in Cape Town. She was quite busy as she decorated many of the prominent homes within Cape Town however she eventually decided that she wanted to live closer to family. Since she was so successful in Cape Town, this was a scary decision for her to make, but she accepted the challenge and worked hard to continue living her dream as an interior designer. All of this hard work has paid off because she now can be seen making guest appearances on many popular lifestyle-related television shows.  

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Yvonne O’Brien

African Interior Designer: Yvonne O’Brien

There is quite a difference between designing residential homes and a lodge in the Namib Desert, however, Yvonne O’Brien has accomplished both of these, plus much more. She prefers simple designs that have layers of colors and textures. Many of the rooms that she designs may seem understated, but she likes that they are personal and quiet in nature. The African interior designer loves incorporating natural light into her designs as well as nature. Every one of her design spaces feels open and spacious and airy. 

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Michele and Mark Metior

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African Interior Designer: Michele and Mark Metior

A husband and wife team work together creating amazing interior designs as the owners of M & M Design. Michele began the business in 2000 as a way to use her passion to create personalized spaces that are unique. Her husband started working with her full time in 2008 however he had already been in the design business for 27 years. Together they were able to work with their clients from the beginning of the planning process all of the way to the completion of the project.  Michele and Mark’s goal is to create the perfect space for their clients while adding personal touches.

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Kim Stephen

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Comfortable, glamorous, and contemporary are the styles that Kim Stephen uses in her interior design projects. She uses quality suppliers and subcontractors for all of her work, which is why the end product is so amazingly well done. This African interior designer has experience in both large and smaller projects and has become a genius in incorporating existing pieces into new designs. There isn’t anything that she cannot find the perfect spot for in a newly designed room.  

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Olivia D

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Olivia D does not find herself decorating with only one style, because she likes to integrate her client’s personalities and lifestyles into her designs. All of her spaces have a luxurious feel with a natural flair that quickly becomes unforgettable places. Olivia has a slogan that she loves using, “Your Home – Your Haven”.  This African interior designer has a huge passion for creating not only a nice design for the space, but she will not just pick out and place furniture and other items.  If necessary, Olivia will create the perfect piece for any design that she has. She does not want to limit her clients to what is currently available, so she goes above and beyond to ensure that everything in their new room is perfect. She is one of the few interior designers that will incorporate scents and fragrances into the rooms that she designs. She has learned over the years that these scents and fragrances add additional elements to a room like comfort and natural healing. 

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Amé Gehle

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Amé Gehle uses more than just style as she is doing interior design for a room. She incorporates luxurious fabrics, multiple textures, amazing furniture, and many collectible pieces of art. She has an eye for not only details but color and spatial relations as well. Each of the rooms that she has designed feels warm, inviting, personalized, and quite unique. This African interior designer has worked on executive offices, homes, hotels, and penthouse apartments. She is careful to not take on too many projects at once because she is so dedicated to creating perfect spaces for all of her clients. 

Kadealo, African Interior Designers, Kim H

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Kim H consistently pushes the limits as she creates and designs spaces for her clients. She works with her clients and gets to know each of them personally as she develops a relationship that will ensure that she understands everything that they want in their new space. This African interior designer never takes any shortcuts when she is working with clients because she wants them to have the ultimate experience with her and her company.  

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