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  • Kadealo African Arts and Crafts Website

    Best websites to buy African arts and crafts

    Courtesy of African arts and crafts: African tribal masks There are a variety of masks available from the numerous tribes across Africa. These include Ashanti (or Asante) artists, who are known for their lack of limits on their artistic styles compared to other tribes' art, and the Pende tribes of the Congo, who's most famous mask includes the “sickness mask”, representing the struggle between illness and health, played out through the life of a strong hunter. Genuine masks can be bought online from sites such as Prices are from $100 up to $3000. Courtesy of African arts and crafts: African home decor Reasonably priced, lively and colourful African [...]

  • Kadealo, African Art

    Why you should invest in African art

    So, you may have friends who come back from holidays across the globe showing off the art they bought back, and maybe they even have tried to convince you that it's not only a nice holiday memoir but also a potential investment. Asian art, European art, even Latin American. But what you should be investing in right now – despite it being so often overlooked - is undoubtedly African Art. The steady increase in African Art exhibitions, such as the inclusion of the African Art Fair in the New York Frieze art week in the United States – proves that art connoisseurs and investors are slowly but surely recognising the spectacular potential of African art. And perhaps even more encouraging [...]

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Kadealo, African Beauty Products Websites

Top African beauty product websites

Courtesy of African Beauty Products: African Fair Trade Society As the name suggests, the company is 100% fair trade, and the product line here specialises in organic shea butter, entirely [...]

Kadealo, African Food and Condiments Websites

Top 10 African food and condiments websites

Courtesy of African Condiments: Klatch Coffee Although US-based and offering coffees from around the world, the African coffees available on Klatch Coffee's online store - - are all high [...]

Kadealo, African Home Decor Websites,

Top African Home Decor Websites

Courtesy of African Home Decor: Swahili African Modern Swahili African Modern sells a variety of hand baskets, dining, and kitchen utensils from all over the African continent. All these African [...]