Are you a food lover? Do you love to experiment in the kitchen? If you answered yes to either question, then you have got to check out these African food bloggers that are showcasing some of the best mouthwatering African dishes. The blogs are packed with an amazing variety of delicious African foods and tips on how to cook up a storm in your own kitchen at home

Kadealo, African Food Blog, Nigerian Lazy Chef

Nigerian Lazy Chef

Anyone who wants to learn where African food came from and how it all originated will need to go to the Nigerian Lazy Chef blog. This African food blogger wants people to be aware of the different variations of African foods and not confuse them with other dishes.  The recipes that are available on this website are all filling, and there are plenty of pictures that people can use as a reference. This is a perfect place to find multiple soups and stew recipes. 

Kadealo, African Food Blog, My African Food Map

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My African Food Map

Sometimes the best bloggers are the ones who travel around countries and then share their findings with the entire world.  This is what people will find on the My African Food Map.  Tuleka Prah has traveled to Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa and has explored the different foods available in each country. Once she has finished eating her way around each country, she created a short film that shows everyone her four favorite dishes from each country. All of the followers of this African food blogger cannot wait to see which country she chooses to travel to next.

Kadealo, African Food Blog, Aftrad Village Kitchen

Aftrad Village Kitchen

Many people love following recipes step by step, and this is completely possible with the Aftrad Village Kitchen website. All of the recipes include step by step pictures as well. The goal of this blog is to help “people connect with their African identity through food.” This African food blogger finds only the best Ghanaian foods to share each week, and the recipes include main dishes, side dishes, and desserts


Kadealo, African Food Blog, My Burnt Orange

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My Burnt Orange

The best food blogs always have a twist that will surprise or shock readers, and My Burnt Orange is no exception. This African food blogger incorporates many fusion elements into her meals, and it is not uncommon for goat leg and biltong risotto to be on the same dinner plate. She makes videos of the meals that she makes for the website so that her readers can see exactly how she makes all of her delicious meals.  

Kadealo, African Food Blog, 1Q Food Platter

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1Q Food Platter

1Q is the nickname of this African food blogger. She enjoys sharing how people can add healthy ingredients to their meals for more variety and flavor. IQ worked for a multi-national food company for 30 years and has spent 15 years working and developing recipes. She shares her little tricks for her spicy chicken and steam vegetable omelet, plus much more on her blog. 

Kadealo, African Food Blog, 9jafoodie

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Imagine an African food blog that wants to help their readers lose weight and look their best without sacrificing food or flavor. This is what 9jafoodie has managed to do for all of their readers. They use social media to give this information as well, so everyone can share tips with each other. 9jafoodie enjoys giving people tips on how to recreate Nigerian food recipes with fewer calories. This African food blogger also wants people to learn what African foods will benefit them the most when it comes to having flatter abs.

Kadealo, African Food Blog, Kitchen Butterfly

Kitchen Butterfly

Ozoz Sokoh is living a dream life of traveling, photographing her travels, and cooking Nigerian foods. Her entire blog, Kitchen Butterfly, features Nigerian foods made with all Nigerian ingredients. This African food blogger uses quite a few ingredients in each of her recipes, and she even does different series of posts that feature one specific food. This is the perfect African food blog for someone who loves making different recipes with one type of food.  

Kadealo, African Food Blog, The African Pot Nutrition

The African Pot Nutrition

Cordialis Chipo enjoys sharing her nutrition knowledge with her readers, and since she has a graduate degree as a registered dietician in African Area Studies, she knows her stuff. She is a wealth of information to everyone who wants to eat and enjoy African foods. This African food blogger lists nutritional values for every African food, and she shows people how they can adapt an African diet to a healthier lifestyle. In this African food blog, you will also find many different recipes for foods from every region of Africa.  

Kadealo, African Food Blog, Lohi’s Creations

Lohi’s Creations

This is an African food blog that features Nigerian foods in an upbeat and positive way. Lohi is a certified chef, and she loves educating her readers about Nigerian foods. While many of her recipes are made with modern twists, she also throws in a Western recipe on occasion. Many of the readers of this African food blogger love that they can take a cooking class with her if they are in her area. Lohi also caters events, and private parties and she posts the menu of what she makes for each one on her blog.  

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People who want African food recipes with style will want to check out Afrolems. The goal of this African food blog is to “stylize African food so it can be internationalized.” They separate their recipes into niches so that the readers can easily find what they are looking for.  If there are different ways to prepare the same meal, then this African food blogger makes sure that they have all of the different recipes on their website for their readers. Afrolems also has seasonal and celebratory dishes for special occasions.