Africa is not only one of the most majestic and serene continents in the entire world, it is also home to some of the finest food and drink you could ever wish to sample. African cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious, from Bunny Chow, to a Moroccan lamb and apricot tagine, the cuisine the continent has to offer will blow you away. However, it isn’t simply the food of Africa that receives such rave reviews, as there are also a number of delicious and authentic African cocktails available to enjoy. There are delicious and thirst-quenching soft drinks, authentic warm teas, and of course, delicious alcoholic beverages, including an abundance of cocktails, many of which are award-winning. If you’re looking for a way of really escaping to Africa, whether it be metaphorically, or, if you’re lucky, figuratively, these authentic African cocktails will help you do just that. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired and to feel decidedly thirsty all of a sudden, as we take a look at some of the best African cocktails this continent has to offer.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Malawi Shandy

African Cocktails: Malawi Shandy

Malawi, and indeed, many other parts of Africa, can get very hot, so what better way to cool down, than with the refreshing take on a classic? A Malawi shandy is an African cocktail made from equal parts lemonade and equal parts ginger ale, whilst being finished off with just a few drops of Angostura bitters. If that version of shandy doesn’t quite float your boat, then how about another popular Shandy? With this one being a beverage known as Rock Shandy. This African cocktail is comprised of equal parts lemonade and soda water, with just a few drops of Angostura bitters to finish off.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Kenya - Dawa Cocktail

African Cocktails (Kenya): Dawa Cocktail

If you ever find yourself visiting Kenya in Africa, you simply MUST ensure you try the African cocktail Dawa before you leave, although be warned, as this African cocktail tastes so refreshing and so amazing, you may find yourself going back to the bar again, and again, and again, though on holiday, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Dawa actually translates to ‘medicine’ in Swahili, and when you try to beverage for yourself, you will instantly feel better, that’s for sure. This African cocktail is made by combining fresh honey, lime juice, brown sugar, lime slices, and vodka, together in a rocks glass. The drink is tart, refreshing cooling, and sweet.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Senegal - Ginger Cocktail

African Cocktails (Senegal): Ginger Cocktail

Lovers of ginger will be in heaven when they sample this drink, as will those who are indifferent to the root, if truth be told. This African cocktail is commonly found in the majority of West African cities, and it is commonly served on ice, or chilled, making for another refreshing African cocktail to counter-act the hot sunshine. This African cocktail is made by taking 6 – 8 peeled ginger roots, blending them to a fine pulp, combining them with boiled water and leaving to stand for an hour, before straining the mixture into a jug through a cloth, squeezing out every last drop of liquid you can. From here, you combine the liquid with the juice of 2 – 3 lemons, or pineapple juice, and sugar to taste. You can also add cloves and a dash of cinnamon as an optional. Here, you mix the liquid with ice, or chill in the fridge, and enjoy. For a delicious alcoholic cocktail however, take a glass, and add a shot of spiced rum!

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Summer Breeze

African Cocktails : Summer Breeze Cocktail

Vodka is a staple ingredient in many African cocktails, helping to give them a real kick. Magic moments is one of the most popular vodkas in all of Africa, and is used in the summer breeze cocktail. This African cocktail contains lime chunks, angostura bitters, grain sugar, fresh mint leaves, crushed ice, and of course, the magic moments vodka itself. Lime chunks are added to a glass, along with 2 spoonfuls of sugar before being muddled together. A sprig of mint is then added to the glass along with crushed ice. 60ml of magic moments vodka is then added, before being finished off with a dash of angostura bitters. A quick stir, a spiral of lemon, and the African cocktail is ready.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Nigeria - Orijin Cocktail

African Cocktails (Nigeria) : Orijin Cocktail

Created by Guinness Nigeria PLC, this African cocktail encapsulates everything there is to love about African culture and heritage. This African cocktail is made with 2 oz of Orijin, freshly grated ginger, 1 oz of white zinfandel, crushed strawberry pieces, a pear slice, and sugar to rim the edge of the glass. As the origin is a mixed spirit drink, this African cocktail packs quite a punch, but the fresh strawberry really helps to balance it out and add an element of sweetness to the drink.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Nigeria - Malawi - Mkulumadzi Ice Tea

Courtesy of JASONBON/Pixaby

African Cocktails (Malawi) : Mkulumadzi iced tea

There is just something about an iced tea cocktail that instantly makes you think of Africa, even if you’ve never been, even though you can’t quite put your finger on why. Whether you’re on safari, relaxing by the beach, lounging in your resort, or exploring the local towns and cities, you should take the time to sample a Mkulumadzi iced tea, as you certainly won’t be disappointed. This African cocktail contains 5 Rooibos teabags, 5tbs of fresh lemon juice, 5tbs of fresh sugar, and a slice of lemon, all steeped together in 1.5 litres of hot water. The drink is then chilled, and should be served over ice. Not all cocktails need alcohol to be delicious and refreshing, and this African cocktail proves why that is.

Kadealo Food: Best African Cocktails - Nigeria - Malawi - Pumulani Cocktail

Courtesy of Pexels/Pixaby

African Cocktails (Malawi) : Pumulani Cocktail

If you find yourself in Malawi, by the beach, this African cocktail will be easy to locate, and there’s a reason for that – it tastes amazing! The drink is extremely simple as it contains just four ingredients, well, five if you include the ice, but it tastes divine. To prepare this African cocktail half a shot of blue Curaco, is mixed with a shot of Malibu rum. Next, a beer glass is filled with crushed ice, the alcohol is poured in, and the rest is topped up with fresh ginger ale. To finish, freshly toasted sweet desiccated coconut is sprinkled on top. This African cocktail is about as close you are going to get to experiencing pure paradise in a glass.

Courtesy of Kissa