The history and culture have combined to create some the most delicious, mouth-watering African desserts you will find anywhere in the world. The desserts are as diverse as the many countries on the continent with flavours to arouse your taste buds. Whatever you are into, sweet or savory, fried, steamed, or baked, Africa has it all. Here are 10 epic African desserts to impress your visitors and satisfy every time. Be prepared to get baking.

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Malva Pudding, South Africa

African Dessert: Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding is cream sauce, custard, and apricot jam blended together to make a caramelized sweet pudding dish. Anyone craving a creamy and sensuous dessert will want to try this South African classic. It is an original Cape Dutch recipe, and it is now found on menus at multiple South African and Namibian restaurants.  

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Shuku Shuku, Nigeria

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African Dessert: Shuku Shuku

There are certain African desserts that are very simple to make, but they sure do not lack in flavour. Many people love sweet and sugary desserts, and this one fulfills both of those desires.  Shuku Shuku is made with coconut and sugar and tastes better if it is made with fresh coconut.  Thankfully fresh coconuts are plentiful in Nigeria, which is where this African dessert is the most popular. This may be a dessert, but many times people will enjoy it as a snack. Shuku Shuku is made by mixing together coconut, sugar, and egg yolks before rolling them into balls and coating them with flour. They are then baked and served once they are golden brown.

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Koeksisters

African Dessert: Koeksisters

Some people are very particular with their desserts, so when a certain dessert can be made two ways, they may prefer one over the other. Koeksisters is one African dessert that has two versions of how it can be made. Both versions are wonderful, no matter which one a person actually prefers. To make the Koeksisters, you mix together cake flour, salt, baking powder, butter, egg, and water.  One of the versions is the Afrikaner, and it is served in the shape of a braid and coated with syrup. The other version is the Cape Malay, and that one is shaped like an oval and topped with coconut. A food that is very similar to the Koeksisters is fried dough. There is a crunchy texture that combines with the sweetness of the syrup or coconut.

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Orange – Chocolate Parfait “L’Afrique”

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African Dessert: Orange – Chocolate Parfait “L’Afrique”

Any dessert that can be altered to make it more calorie friendly is a plus in many people’s minds.  The Orange – Chocolate Parfait “L’Afrique” is one of those wonderful desserts. It consists of one scoop of chocolate ice cream and multiple rotating layers of sorbet and mandarin oranges on top of the ice cream. Whipped cream is the ultimate finishing topping for this light and refreshing dessert. Many people will either add extra chocolate ice cream for this African dessert as a treat or they will eliminate the chocolate ice cream all together and enjoy the light sorbet. Either way, people love this dessert. 

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Baked Bananas Gabon

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African Dessert: Baked Bananas Gabon

Imagine a crispy dessert that is light but filling and can be ready very quickly. The Baked Bananas Gabon only consists of a few ingredients, and they are simple to make. The bananas are coated with a mixture of orange juice and brown sugar before being fried in oil. The bananas are then baked in the oven. Once all of the flavours have incorporated themselves together in the oven, the bananas are topped with whipped cream before serving.  

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Chocolate Beetroot Cake

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African Dessert: Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Chocolate is a popular ingredient in many desserts, so it is guaranteed that everyone will love this cake despite the unusual name. The ingredients in this cake are very basic; however, the cocoa powder and the cooked beetroots give it fabulous flavor. By adding the cooked beets to the cake mix, the cake will be moist and more delicious than any other cake that a person has ever tried before. The cake can be baked in either a square or round pan, and it does not rise very much while baking. The top of the cake might actually crack during baking too. This African dessert is served with a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream. 

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Milk Tart

African Dessert: Milk Tart (Melktart)

Everyone who lives in South Africa is expected to love Milk Tart, because it is considered a culinary treasure. Milk Tart is a light pastry that is smooth and silky. There are many variations on this dessert, including old fashioned milk tart, peanut brittle milk tart, condensed milk tart, vegan milk tart, chocolate milk tart, and crustless milk tart. With so many variations of this African dessert, everyone should be able to find the one that they love the most. 

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, African Fruit Pie

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African Dessert: African Fruit Pie

Eating healthier for dessert has never been easier, especially with African Fruit Pie. African Fruit Pie can be found everywhere in East Africa. This pie has so many flavors that people may have a difficult time figuring out which flavor is the most prominent. Most African Fruit Pies contain papaya, guava, mango, and bananas inside. The pie crust is baked before being filled with the combination of fruits being used. The fruits are mixed in nectar, cornstarch, and lemon juice before they are added to the baked pie crust. This African dessert is then refrigerated for at least three hours before serving. Peanuts and coconut are added to the top of the pie right before it is served.

Kadealo, African desserts to die for, Feteer

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African Dessert: Feteer

Imagine eating a dessert that was popular centuries ago when the pharaohs used to offer it to the Gods. Feteer is one of the oldest desserts that can be found in all of Africa. Most people might know Feteer as a main meal because it can also be filled with meat or cheese. However, the pastry tastes much better when it is filled with chocolate, honey, halva, coconut, or raisins.  People are encouraged to use their imaginations when they are making this African dessert because there are so many combinations available that taste incredibly delicious.