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  • Kadealo, Ethiopian Food

    Ethiopian Food: 10 delicious traditional dishes

    With Ethiopian food on the rise throughout the world, with restaurants opening steadily from Cape Town to Mumbai. Ethiopian food is served communally on a platter and the whole emphasis is designed for sharing food with friends and family. In Ethiopian culture food is never meant to be eaten alone, and it's a large part of the Ethiopian culture and experience. Courtesy of A. Charlotte Riley/Flickr Ethiopian Food: Injera Injera is the staple of Ethiopian food. It is a starchy filler in all of Ethiopian cuisine. It's eaten twice or even three times a day. Injera is essentially an edible dish: Whenever you order Ethiopian food, Injera automatically comes with it. You literally eat [...]

  • Kadealo, African Restaurant

    Most unique African dining experiences

    Undoubtedly some of the most unique dining experiences are to be had throughout African nations. This is a quick rundown of some of the best-rated African restaurants on hand to make your dining experiences throughout the continent even more memorable. Courtesy of The Test Kitchen/ African Restaurant: The Test Kitchen, Cape Town Won the 'One to Watch' award last year and ranked 28th out of the 50 Best-list. Run by British born Chef Luke Dale-Roberts this African restaurant is described as an international/fusion cuisine with attentive waiters and a menu that is “not over the top.” It also showcases some of the best wine in South African alongside an original cocktail menu. The interior [...]

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Kadealo, African Restaurants

10 of most unusual African restaurants

The days are long gone, when Africa was only known for its marvelous Pyramids and mighty River Nile. Today Africa is one of the trending destinations for tourists and visitors. Being the second-largest continent [...]

Kadealo, Exotic African Fruits

Exotic African fruits to try

There's no denying the fact that Africa brings to mind images of exciting and exotic foods, including African fruit varieties. With so many different climates and weather found throughout the continent, fruits of many [...]

Kadealo, African Food and Condiments Websites

Top 10 African food and condiments websites

Courtesy of African Condiments: Klatch Coffee Although US-based and offering coffees from around the world, the African coffees available on Klatch Coffee's online store - - are all high [...]

Kadealo, African desserts to die for

10 Best African Desserts To Die For

The history and culture have combined to create some the most delicious, mouth-watering African desserts you will find anywhere in the world. The desserts are as diverse as the many countries on the continent [...]