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  • Kadealo, African Traditions

    10 fascinating African traditions to experience

    While many tribal cultural traditions are well understood and replicated in popular culture in the west, such as 'First Nations' North American's and tribes in the Middle-East, African tribal traditions still – for the most part – remain shrouded in an air of mystery and are so often misunderstood. Here we take a look at 10 African cultural traditions that will increase your understanding of the continents historical culture and traditional values. Courtesy of ETSEY ATISU/ African Tradition: “Bride-napping” Although not wide spread like it once was in Africa, the kidnapping one woman by men who want them as a bride still does occur in pockets throughout the continent. The Latuka tribe – [...]

  • Kadealo, Blue Eyes

    Dark skinned Africans with extraordinary blue eyes

    Courtesy of Sputnik/ Are stone age hunter-gatherers the key to understanding the phenomenon of Africans with blue eyes? Initially, anthropologists and biologists assumed that humans skin evolved to become 'lighter' in colour as they moved into more northern latitudes, but recent discoveries are turning that theory on its head, with some recent discoveries analysing well-preserved 7000-year-old skeletons of stone-age hunter-gatherers who lived in Europe. A DNA analysis on a skeleton's wisdom tooth has revealed an unusual mix of racial traits: Dark, African skin, curly brown hair and blue eyes. This is perhaps even more staggering because this hunter's skeleton is most closely related to modern-relatives who live in Sweden and Finland,. Yet the genes for his [...]

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Kadealo, Adinkra Symbols

Adinkra symbols shaping our lives today

Symbolism has played an important role in human lives since neolithic times, when caves were painted with symbols depicting everything from hunting practices to divine beings in the heavens. Adrinkra symbols originate from the [...]

Kadealo, African Masks

The ultimate guide for African masks

Courtesy of Wonderlane/Unsplash What do African masks symbolize? African masks date back to Palaeolithic times and were initially used to represent spirits of ancestors or animals (known as 'Animist' beliefs), [...]

Kadealo, African Events

Ultimate guide for African events

Courtesy of Christoph Lenz/Flickr African Events in January January events in Africa are quite lengthy in duration and also quite fun. Two that are worth mentioning are the Kirstenbosch Summer [...]

Kadealo, African Authors

10 African authors you should know

With other African industries such as fashion, modelling, and film taking off at lightning speed, it comes as no surprise that the literary industry would be close behind. With a large, varied, and diverse [...]

Kadealo, African Warriors, African Leaders

Great African Leaders and Warriors

When thinking of African leaders, most people may think of the Zulu tribal fighters of centuries past taking on colonial powers such as the British. While this is true, it's only one very small [...]